1.10.11 happy day

Oh happy day.  Big Brother has ST with the school SLP today (we all love her).  Big Has been working with her since before he turned 3; so she is a solid part of his life.  Miss Em today told me that she is going to be able to exit him from Speech soon, he is not going to qualify again this spring when they do all his re-assessments for his IEP renewal. 

I am so excited.

Miss Em reports he now has all the age appropriate speech skills.  He needs more work on USING all the skills; more practice at endurance (that is speaking clearly at the end of a statement as well as the beginning) and he still needs to learn to use his skills (apply the skills to daily life) but he has the skills, and he has met all the goals to be on the level of his peers!!!

He will finish out the semester with her, and that will give him time to adjust to the idea.  He herd us today and quickly asked me “I don’t get to see Miss Em any more”.  She is going to spend most of the rest of the semester in the classroom with him working on applying the skills.

He has been doing speech since he was just over 2, so this is really exciting for us all, for him to be ‘age appropriate’.

What is really exciting, is that this means he will be off his IEP before Kindergarten. 



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4 responses to “1.10.11 happy day

  1. Crystal

    Woo-Hoo! This has to be a really happy day for you guys!

  2. Quinn

    So, he will still see her some? I’m confused. Is he concerned about such a perminant person leaving his life?
    Not to downplay that this news is AWESOME!! Yay Big!
    I just couldn’t help worry about his routine.
    But seriously so happy for you all!

  3. he is to see her, as normal, for the rest of the semester — but in class not “out of the room”. he sees her in class about 1/2 the time now. (she did a play in the classroom with him last week). She’ll have to pull him out for his formal testing; for the yearly IEP renewal — but he is not going to qual this time, he will “test” out of all his goals and test as age correct

    after this year he’ll be done.

    we talked to him about it today — he has till May to adjust.

    we’ll have a party of some kind for him and say good bye to her — though Little will see see her, so he’ll see her in passing, just not have ST any more.

  4. Laura

    Oh that is totally awesome. Not qualifying for therapy is a GOOD thing! I am so happy for you guys and proud of big!! yay

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