I found another book list; then I got on some rabbit-trails and found more and more but they didn’t turn out to be of any real value.

Everyone here knows how I am about books.  I love books, and I love sharing them with my boys.  I am maintaining a master list of books for pre-school and kindergarten (and a bit older too) read alouds.  My Master list is pulled from many respectable books lists available on the Net.  I strive to share and allow open access to good books.  I do not support censorship; but I, within my own home, and with my children, reserve the right to limit their material or to impose age restrictions on it.  Nonetheless, another book list is another well of potential, another trove of books I might not have heard of and that we might love.  I am excited to make my way though it, looking at what we have and have read and adding new titles to my “to find and read” list.  I plan to update my Master List – but that is going to have to go a way down on the To Do for School List; so don’t look for that till mid-to end of January.  This list was created by The National Endowment for the Humanities “The works herein, published in 1960 or earlier, have delighted generations of readers.” They, themselves, admit the list is truly lacking due to the criteria they used:  

There are some excellent older books that are missing from the list, because they appeared too infrequently in the school selections: Kate Douglas Wiggin’s Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, for example; Dylan Thomas’s A Child’s Christmas in Wales; Frederick Douglass’s Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Despite the absences, we hope this compilation will nevertheless bring hours of pleasure and enlightenment.

The list is divided by age level and at least worth looking at.  I am excited to make my way though this list, adding it to my Master List.

I picked up my Inter-Library-Loan books yesterday.  I love ILL.  I try to ILL all my home schooling books before I buy them; to allow myself to be selective and spend my money is the wisest possible way.  There are a number of books I am glad to have read, but ok with not owning and several books I have found not to match our foundation or faith, or our parenting style and I was glad to be able to return them immediately with no money lost.  I got Core knowledge sequence: Content guidelines for grades K-8  and Books to Build On: A Grade-by-Grade Resource Guide for Parents and Teachers (Core Knowledge Series).  I seriously desire a copy of Core Knowledge Series and plan to soon add that to my library.  Books to Build on has been fun to look at and I have about a page of titles I plan to look at and maybe add to our wish list; I also found the names of a couple of catalogs I plan to request, but at this point I do not see it as necessary for us.  By 2nd or 3rd grade (our current plan is to keep the boys home either to or though 3rd) it could prove useful, but not currently.  When I read though the kindergarten and 1st grade ‘language Arts” section for literature recommendation I found that we already had exactly 50% of them; (31 of the 62 listed); that makes a mom feel good. 

In the next week or two I need to update our Literacy Binder; I need to go though and mark off new books we have gotten (like One Morning In Maine that Big Brother got for his birthday).  I also want to go ahead and get ahead of the ball and create three new sections.  I am making one to keep a log of Family Read Alouds.  The boys are finally getting old enough I am going to try, again, to do chapter books with them (Winnie The Pooh is going to be first, we have tried it before but Big Brother did not track one session to the next).  I want to keep a log of them, so some day they boys can look back at all the books we have read as a family; I plan to write down their reactions and comments too to keep for them.  I am also going to make a section for each boy; these will be empty for a long time, but when the day comes that they start reading independently (end of 2011 for Big??? Or sometime in 2012??? ) they will each have their own book log too. 

We may potentially have some pretty big changes coming up in 2011 for our family, and I feel a real need to have a good method established in our schooling material to make all necessary transitions smoother.  I love a new start, a new year; diving back into organization; makes me feel all energized. 


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