It is almost Christmas

Soon, so soon we celebrate Jesus Birthday.  It is snowing as I write this.  I keep telling the boys “how cool is it we gets gifts for Christ’s birthday”.  I am of the fact both my boys recognize that the holiday is about Christ and the birth of the Christ child and that Santa is fun and the embodiment of giving and caring, but not the reason (though He is REAL).

The Advent tree is almost empty, and Big Brother has remembered to remove the number each morning and counts the days till “we get to the manger”.

I have tried to keep my stress level as low as possible.  I have 4 big tubs of decorations that I have consciously chosen to leave packed and that play several carols, and strings of light all still packed.  I did not open the two tubs of breakable ornaments; that means the boys’ “first Christmas” decorations are not out, but that is a small price to pay for a child same tree and less worry for momma.  I’d rather leave a few very special things packed, than risk them being broken.  Christmas is about God and His people not about things, there are years aplenty to have out all the bells and whistles and delicate things – years when the boys are not literally jumping for joy (and into the tree half the time); or at the very least a time when as they jump they have a bit more control over their bodies.  🙂 

Most of the decorations about the house this season are original, one of a kind, hand crafted pieces of art created by the two ‘in house’ artists. 


 The boys have spent weeks crafting ornaments  and magnets to give as gifts.  Rolling the dough, cutting the shapes, painting them 2 and 3 different times; they have worked so hard.  I have seen such joy in their faces as we have delivered the gifts to OT Therapists, Speech Teachers, Classroom teachers and Aids and all the other professionals that make their lives better (case manager, church staff and so on).  They have fought to carry the gifts and the SMILES on their faces, and the joy in Big Brother’s voice as he carefully explains the process of creating the gift is very grounding. 



Momma is loving reading all our Advent books (planning a post about that real soon, been planning it all Advent).  We have pulled out all the boys’ Bibles and read the Christmas Story in each of them as the days have gone by.

It is going to be a great Christmas here, Pa Pa will real The Night Before Christmas, and the boys are getting a very big exciting (and bouncy) gift from Santa.  The boys are both old enough to really get into Christmas this year, and that is going to be fun.  Most importantly I can rest content that the boys DO know the real reason for the celebration and that they have found joy in giveing and not expecting to receive. 


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3 responses to “It is almost Christmas

  1. carolyn bledsoe

    Awesome bunch of ornaments! Merry Christmas to you and your family! I’m leaving in a few minutes to drive to Camdenton to spend the holidays with my Mother, who is 89 years old now, and my younger sister and her family. Christmas with my kids and grandkids will be on Jan 8th in Mexico, MO.. can’t wait to see everyone!

  2. Crystal

    great ornaments! I leave nearly everything packed up decoration wise. DS1 has no impulse control- I don’t want to ruin the season by my being upset about things being broken.

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