Today we made salt dough decorations again, but with a twist in mind.

Momma has a bad habit of forgetting to put the ‘ribbon hole’ in the decorations before putting them in the oven.  So we ended up with 12 decorations (our first batch I think) with no way to hang.  In the past when I made this mistake (and I have each year since Big Brother and I started this before Little Brother) I just let the non-hanging decorations be played with for the season then tossed them in the trash.  The other night I had an idea.  I glued craft magnets to the back of 2 of the heavy ones and stuck them on the gun safe as a test.  They have been up over 36 hours, so I feel pretty confident the magnets and glue combo is enough hold them up.

Thus we are going to decorate (paint and then gloss) the ones we have that momma forgot to “punch” and make them magnets.  I also decided to pull out some non-Christmas themed cookie cutters; ones that “fit” the personality of people of the boys’ gift list, and let the boys intentionally make some magnets.  Now, most of the gift “getters” read this blog, so I am not going to spell out what we choose for each person, but I can tell you I am having them make a couple of light houses in honor of our time at the beach for me. 

Same story as the decorations we have been making (including boiling water for a couple of hours before we started).  But this time I intentionally did not punch the ribbon hole.  We finally have a method down and making the dough today went smoothly. 

I think we are done making dough.  I have some dough left over from the magnet cutting, which will make a few more decorations.  I have 46 ornaments dried and ready to paint, by my count the boys need 43 to meet all their gift giving needs (as well as packing some away for each of them) so I think the last batch of dough has been made.  Just when I had making it down; we are done. 

Today Daddy came home from the store and immediately left again to rescue a old farmer that had gone in a ditch and then had a flat tire.  It was really cold weather; wind-chill is 12 — the wind was harsh. Big Brother told daddy “call me if you need me to help”.  That made me smile; he is always so willing to jump right in and work.  Big Brother and I took the opportunity to talk about the Good Samaritan (see the Gospel of Luke 10:25-37) and how Daddy was stopping his day to help another.  They were much older and struggled to try to change the tire, before allowing Daddy to do it for them.  Big Brother and I also the concept of laying down your life for another, which can mean STOPPING your life, “laying down your current activity” for another — John 15:13.  Good teaching moment.



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3 responses to “12.11.10

  1. carolyn bledsoe

    The making and painting of the ornaments is good and I enjoyed reading about them, but the best story is that about Daddy – and Big telling his daddy to call him if he needed help. You and Daddy are such great inspirations for your kids, AND for the rest of us. It just seems to come natural to both of you.

  2. we do our best. I try to make sure we talk about stuff as well as dfo it. I know action is what the boys will remember, not my talking lessons, but i do try to point out things like Daddy stopping his activity to help someone else; or the boys and I making an effort to get up early to go pick up a freind’s child so the freind can go to work, or even if we just drive a freind’s daughter to work so the mom doesn’t have to go out 9we already being out).

    I am amazed, Big is a typical 5 yo, but he also is compassionate and hard working.

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