Beavers at our creek

Today Daddy and I took the boys to the creek at the back of our land to see the beavers’ current efforts.  The beavers have chewed down several trees and built quite a dam.  Today vas a very nice fall day, oddly nice for so late in the year, so off the family adventured.

Big Brother had a blast tossing stuff in the creek.  We talked about the beavers using their teeth to chew though the tress, and saw many examples of tress recently taken down; you could see and feel the teeth grooves in the newly exposed wood.

We talked about the glories God has created for us, and again talked about being a good steward of not only our personal land but the world as a whole as it is a gift to us from God and a responsibility. 







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2 responses to “Beavers at our creek

  1. Crystal

    awesome pics- what a great learning experience!

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