Random Sunday Thoughts 10.24.10

Little Brother is exploding in the language department.  He mimics me saying his Big Brother’s name; he is now yelling GO GO GO GO GO.  He now consistently finds his ears, his mouth, his teeth, his head and his nose.  However, ask him his EYES and you get toes, ask him his KNEE and get tummy – but hey it is improvement over the time when all he’d ID was his NOSE and he’d “guess nose” for anything else you asked him.  He has been mimicking several random words; the frustrating thing is that he often mimics a given word very closely ONCE and flat refused to even try it again.  Another first, this week he identified BLUE for me for the first time, first color identification ever actually, that vas really exciting.  Little Brother’s speech ability seems to be “coming along” faster than Big Brother’s did, at this age Big Brother vas not babbling nor mimicking at all.  However Big Brother used so much more ASL that his communication never seemed as limited as Little’s is still. 

Yesterday we made our fall trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  Little Brother refused to go in the bouncy house until momma did too, and then he did not want to leave.  Daddy said momma’s volunteer guards look better than the ones the Patch had for sale.  (see photos here).  Each boy got to choose 2 of their own and Momma chose a couple too.  The first got carved that night, as soon as we got home.  Big Brother choose one that vas still part green, he really anted a “funny shaped one” like in the Bernstein Bears Ghost walk book, but really here were not any mis-shaped pumpkin, and trust me we looked.  So he accepted a “strangely colored one” and I was really proud of him for being able to make that save.  Big Brother took great care in inspecting the pumpkins in the fields, turning them over and choosing, on his own, to walk away from some that were moldy or bug eaten.  Again, I was impressed by his maturity. 

 This year we craved jack-o’-lanterns for the first time.  (see photos here) I was so proud of Big Brother for reaching right in, well reaching in after some encouragement and armed with a spoon, and helping de-junk them.  Little Brother was less sure and less energetic, but did a little bit. 

Loving the GREAT fall weather here!!

Loving bubble baths here too !!



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  1. Crystal

    Yay for new words!

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