Big Brother Vision, yet another assessment

Great.  Another assessment for Big Brother. 

Big Brother has been refereed for a vision check; the OT assessment at Childserve suggested it.

He is seeing Beth Triebel, OD.  

Here are the concerns the OT at Childserve listed in her referral – I have looked them up (they were all new to me) on:

  • ocular motor function
  • pursuits — a condition in which the individual’s ability to follow a moving target is inadequate. Vision therapy is an effective treatment option.
  • saccades — the eye’s ability to direct and coordinate movement as it quickly and voluntarily shift from one target to another.
  • accommodation — (eye focusing) the eye’s ability to adjust its focus by the action of the ciliary muscle on the crystalline lens. When this accommodation skill is working properly, the eye can focus and refocus quickly and effortlessly, which is similar to an automatic focus feature on a camera.   The ability of the eye to accommodate does decrease with age due to the crystalline lens becoming less flexible causing a condition called presbyopia. (there are several sub types or concerns)
  • binocularity — the ability to use both eyes as a team and to be able to fuse (unite) two visual images into one, three-dimensional image

this is his first vision check (bad momma).  Since he can not read yet, I am not sure how the OT sav these issues, but that is why she has a degree and I do not.  I will be having an appt to sit dovn with her alone, not kids, and talk about the assessment, everything they did and what the implication of her observations is / can be.  After that I should have an idea where her concerns come from, that is what she has noticed. 

Not 100% sure how I feel about “vision therapy” and all that, I am going to need to see real science about this stuff –  e. g. nerves not working right, muscles not doing what they are supposed to and so on.

Again, I have to ask the why that I know no one will be willing to answer.  Forceps birth???  Something from the time in the womb, something related to his messed up growth in the womb?  It that all part and parcel of the sensory stuff (the self limiting food?) or the emotional stuff?  How is all this connected and what caused it all.  Is it too much to expect and want some simply factual answer re: causation and physical / root cause???



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12 responses to “Big Brother Vision, yet another assessment

  1. Crystal

    I hope this gives you some answers!

    • i really doubt it. i wish i could still hope that. now it is just gonna add to the long list of “stuff” — no reason, no answer for why and no clear path to make it better — just more wrong. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can we all spell discouargemnt

  2. I know sweetie! The not knowing bites! Been there, done that. I still think Big is on the specturm myslef and the real question is where. Yes, there could be other problems due to pregnancy and birth circumstances. And vision problems are not necessarily related to anything else that happened. Could be birth/preg. circumstances, could be somehow related to everything else, could just be something coming out of the family’s genetic history too. You wear glasses and have had several eye surgeries, right?

    Charlie was diagnosed with a “lazy eye” very early on… few months old I think. It corrected itself at about 2 years. He’s only had one eye exam since and that was a parent’s nightmare. I was juggling him and a 2 1/2 year old… on the floor with CHarlie in my lap restraining him for well over 2 hours with the Opthamologist attempting to get some drops in his eyes to dialate them and do even a crude exam becuase he refused to even get near the chair or other equipment.

    Make sure you take lots of mental note on how Big reacts to going to the eye exam. This could be a big clue for you… if all the weird equipment freaks him out, chances are it’s too much sensory imput for him. I reccomend getting a sitter for the other one if you can, it will be easier. Better yet, have dad come along with you to help during the exam (especially if he reacts like Charlie did… dad is bigger and stronger to hold onto him) and still take Little to the sitter. Also if dad does come and you have a camcorder, you can video the appointment to refer back to Big’s reactions later and have some concrete proof of behavior in odd situations for your next round of evals and IEP meetings. Video might help you in getting a recommendation for more thorough testing for autism disorders or genetic test for fragile X syndrome.

    • already have a teen going with me to help with younger!! I restrain Big better than Daddy! LOL but i doubt we’ll have to — unless for eye drops — i think he is more likly to vant to mess with everything in the room — push buttons, trun knobs ….

      Thanks Rebecca. :0)

  3. I need to get you connected to another friend (whose son takes hippotherapy with Goose.) I think between the two of you, you may have some answers. Her son is… I want to say 6.. and signs but hardly speaks, has some vision issues, etc. When she talks about him, I can only think of you guys and big brother. I will see if she will share her email, or I will pass her yours. BTW, she has no diagnosis for her son either!!!

  4. pixie can’t pass the visual field/motor tests either, and i just heard today from school that she SIGNIFICANTLY failed the hearing test. here we go too! 😦

  5. Auntie Roo

    Jennifer had problems with her eyes at this age and did well at the test no problems her dad actually went with her, eye drops, patching, they thought maybe they might do surgery, but didn’t. She was put in glasses by another doctor at 6 and wore thur school and have pretty much perfect vision and still her right eye will turn out when in sun or tired, dr says now she may need to do excercises to help strengthen her muscles again. No other in the fam have had problems such as this as far as I know.

  6. We were told to take her to a neuro-opth. today, and got a name. That is next on our agenda. Just wanted to mention that those are out there (I had never heard of them) and suggest it for you too, if you need to pursue it further.

    Don’t feel bad about wanting a dx like that- I think we all think that from time to time. It’s hard to not have answers. I was just talking about this with the friend I mentioned. She was saying that when she walks into Easter Seals that she sometimes thinks she wishes her kid had Down’s or something with a name, a support group, protocols, etc etc. Floating out there in the unknown is stressful. You never know what you are going to wake up to, what might or might not be relevant or a symptom, how you should treat, etc. I’m sure that moms of deaf or Down’s kids would say we are crazy, because there is a CHANCE that our kids are not severe and will make a complete recovery, versus theirs who won’t. I long for community and understanding though, which they can find pretty easily.

    • this puts it perfectly

      She was saying that when she walks into Easter Seals that she sometimes thinks she wishes her kid had Down’s or something with a name, a support group, protocols, etc etc

  7. As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

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