Using the term special needs to refer to an individual or group:

I want to be extremely clear:  I use the phrase Special Need Child simply as a matter of connivance.  Short hand, to make discussion and text more accessible and useful.  The phrase should never be considered to LIMIT the child or adult to whom it is applied.  It is merely a descriptive term I use, that most use, to convey a basic understanding.

Words are Powerful!! words can hurt, words can heal.  James 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  Words define how we think.  Nevertheless, words have to be functional, language has to be practical and has to be understood and be UNSEABLE and has to facilitate the sharing of thoughts.  Too often our words, our language hinder us rather than help us.

Our children are multi-deminal and their challenges are merely one small aspect of who God created them to be, but that small aspect has ability to color or tint much of the rest of their life.  Like a lens that all their reality must be filtered though, either coming in at them, or coming out to us.  That lens affects them, and us as parents, and that can not be denied.  In fact to try to deny it is to unduly punish the child for a fundamental aspect of their self; an aspect they did not choose and can not fully control.

Our children are not limited or defined by their extra or special needs; and refereeing to the wonderful population that has a different lens on life as “special needs” is nothing more than short hand to make discussion and conservation easier.

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