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3 years ago today …

October 29 2007 I was blessed to give birth to a second boy.

 Thursday Oct 26 I had on OB appt, I was at the end of week 37.  Knowing my conception date (both in 2007 and 2005) I knew my expected due date; but I also respect the fact that an expected due date is not a expiration date or even a date for the movies, it generally means nothing God has a plan for each pregnancy, each baby, and all we can do is follow along the best we can.  We decided to do an ultrasound to check growth.  Because Big Brother had been IUGR while I was pregnant with him in 2005, we had done extra ultrasounds with this pregnancy.  That day, it was determined that the baby had not grown in the past 3 or 4 weeks since our last U/S.  The baby was fine, heartbeat good and so on, but no growth.  Apparently this is a trend for me; my baby stop growing week 35 or so, and I give birth week 38.  The OB, an awesome doctor, Dr Michael Mintzer, and I had a long talk about while the goal all along had been a spontaneous labor and birth free of all medication intervention, we now needed to consider inducing labor; being in the womb was not being beneficial to the baby at this point.

 We set an Appt for Tuesday to do another US and then set a date for induction if that was the consensus.  Daddy was going to take off work and go to that appt with me.  The Dr Mintzer felt that be the middle or end of week 38, if the U/S showed the baby was not growing, then baby was just as safe if not safer outside the womb and there would be no value to waiting.  Our of the womb I could nourish the baby with breast milk, in the womb but continually not growing one would have to wonder how well the baby was being nourished by the placenta. 

 Labor actually started the next nigh; Oct 27, Friday night.  Nothing consistent, nothing organized; but real labor nonetheless.  My first labor 23.5 months before that had also started on a Friday night.  I was amazed at how different labor could be.  Labor in 2005 was harsh from the very start; in 2007 it was almost unnoticeable.  I was glad labor had started; my body had started on its own.  In 2005 Labor started on a Friday night with a Tue appt set to induce and it seemed that 2007 was going the same way.  I only prayed that this is where the similarities would end. 

 Grandma Packard and Auntie Roo were here in hopes of staying with Big Brother while Daddy and I birthed and spend time with the new baby.  At that point, we were still unaware if we were welcoming a baby girl or a baby boy to our family – we had a girl name waiting (the same one that had been waiting since 2005 and actually before that).  We had a first name for a boy, but Daddy being convinced this baby would be Katherine Beatrice the boy’s name lacked a middle name to go with it. 

 Labor started and stopped and started again only to stop again.  Each “cycle” was more focused, a bit more intense, stronger and more organized and generally lasted longer.  I was ecstatic to be so ‘typical”.  Each time labor started with seemingly with more purpose I got more and more excited THIS was going to be IT.   Each time labor stopped, sometimes after hours of regular contractions, I’d reassure myself that, “soon, it has to be soon”, and take comfort in this labor being so much more text book than the one in 2005. 

 Friday, Saturday and Sunday we continued to enjoy a great fall in the mid-west.  We went to a pumpkin patch, I walked miles and miles on our little gravel roads.  We took then “the boy” now Big Brother to the park and I had a blast sliding with him, climbing play structures and playing tag and chase.  One of my best memories is of sitting at the top of a slide, waiting out a contraction as Big Brother slide, ran around, climbed back up and signed “TURN, GO” for me to move for him, then he climbed over me to slide again.  Life does not get better than that.  To this day memories flood me of that trip to the park each time ve take the boys to play there. 

 By Sunday afternoon, pushing evening, the cycles of contractions were getting longer and much stronger; I was less and less able to effectively interact with Big Brother, less and less able to play with him, or talk to him while the contractions were “on”.  I was really enjoying myself, nervous, but thinking “how perfect a labor this is”.  By bed time Sunday we were anticipating a baby over night, or at least the need to leave the house over night.  This is really sad but I can not remember who put Big Brother to bed!!  I am so ashamed.  It must have been me; as Big Brother was not then and still now is not one to go to bed with someone else if I am home.  I know he slept in Auntie Roo’s bed.

Towards night the cycle of contractions did not stop, it would wax and wane but not stop like it had been.  By 10 things were moving great, and I vas so excited; I finally really felt like things were on.  This was it.  Daddy went to bed; he had to either go to work the next day, or be ready to help me.  I sat up washing and folding all the laundry in the house.  The house was dark and silent.  My thought being, if I am gone 3 days and come home with a new born I need to have things as orderly as possible to start with.  After the house was quite labor got much stronger, then stopped cold.  I almost cried.  I finished the table of laundry I was folding, making baskets for each bedroom and went to bed about 3 am – telling myself to sleep I’d need it later.

Oct 29, a Monday in 2007, I woke up with Daddy at 5:30 and out of habit started doing a kick count, talking to the baby.  The baby failed the kick count, not giving me 10 good movements in an hour’s time.  This amazed me, both my babies were very active in the womb and this one in particular had been kicking and pushing for days like “he” wanted out and out the side not the birth cannel. 

Daddy and I talked and decided he was going to work and I’d call the doctors office at 8 am and discuss things with Laurel the rocking great nurse there and then call him.  Daddy needed to get things ready to be gone if nothing else. 

I managed to fall back asleep.  Later I heard Auntie Roo get up with Big Brother; I texted her I was still in the bedroom and not to let Big Brother know I was home.  From 6 to 8 the baby failed 2 more kick counts and I was getting worried, labor also had not restarted, at all, and this vas the longest since Friday afternoon I had gone without contractions. 

At 8 am I called and left a message at the doctor’s office.  I tried to sleep, I read, and I worried.  At 10 (when the office opened on Mondays, I should have remembered that) laurel called me and invited me to go to the hospital and start Pitocin to re-start labor, she made it clear it was still our call.  In my message I had asked about going ahead and inducing the labor now rather than seeing Mintzer the next day then setting a date later in the week.   She and I discussed the options, inducing the failed kick counts and the stalled labor and all my fears.  I called Daddy, again, at the office and we agreed that vas the path we wanted to take.  We agreed that sitting home worrying did neither nor the child any good. 

I texted Auntie Roo the plan and she and Big Brother “hunted lions” in the laundry room so I could sneak out.  I had to carry out my suitcase and pillow, not great planning for sneaking, and laughed that I should have had Daddy carry them out with him either the night before or at 6 am so I didn’t have to.  I left, called Daddy and told him I was on the way.  He arranged to have someone from his office take him to the hospital so he could meet me. 

 I arrived at the hospital at a bit after 11 and had a wonderful wonderful birth nurse named Laural.  That is a great name.  I was so happy when she turned out to be as great as the Laural at the OB’s office.  We had no doula for this birth, but Laural was all that and more; I told her she should go for her CNM.  First I took a fast shower since I had not done so at home for fear of Big Brother hearing the shower.  Then she hooked up an IV and started the Pit, I ate pop ice and hung out on the birth ball, waiting …. I did have a fetal monitor on, and the baby was just fine so at that point I was ready to sit back and wait and let God and the baby take the lead.  She and I talked and chatted like to old friends about birth and babies.  She reviewed our birth plan, point by point and while we discussed several of the choices and the how / why of our thought process – more because she seemed interested, she did not question or argue any of the choices and made sure to abide by it the entire birth. 

 Quite humorous; Dr Mizier stopped by at noon to see me.  He talked to us abut the pros and cons of starting Pit; then said “ok let’s do it” the three of us in the room looked at the IV and laughed and the nurse said “you called in that order before she got here, we started it over 30 minutes ago” and he smiled.  There was some discussion of artificially breaking my water, stating that vas the next step, if we needed that or felt we wanted it; but he told me he had no desire to rush me and he trusted me.  

 When I was crawling back into the bed from the birth ball my water broke on its own.  I have to say I HATE contractions after your water breaks; I hate that gush feeling each and every contraction brings after the water breaks, the most unpleasant part of birth for me.  At the end of lunch Dr Mintzer came back by and asked “so I am assuming we are not going to break the water” and again all of us laughed and Daddy told him “already broke” and Mitizer laughed and said “do you even need me?”

 Once my water broke the labor really came on strong.  Still not at all the painful experience of 2005, but strong and intense and with out question productive.  I had been sitting on the birth ball beside the bed.  Leaning forward felt better so I was standing up over the ball, leaning on the bed.  Laural was concerned I was making my legs too tired and would need them for the birth so she suggesting I kneel on the bed, and lean over a big bean bag.  That was perfect.  I found the best position was on my hands and knees, pushing forward into a pile of pillows with a big bean bag under me for me to lag down into for resting.  Daddy sat at my face, and Laural rubbed my back and all in all it was an enjoyable labor.  After 2005 I dreaded birthing, the process of labor and delivery; but I found myself loving it.  We had dialed the Pit way back (off?) after about 45 minutes, once my vater broke and labor took off.

 I labored from 11:30 or noon till about 4 or 4:45.  Then Laural started to talk about transition, and about the birth being soon.  Things were a lot more intense and took a lot more effort to relax though from about 4 pm on.  Nevertheless I LAUGHED at her, labor in 2005 had been 33 hours straight (after all the starting and stopping was over and it was just ON).   4:30or so I made a major mistake and tried to roll over and sit up, I THOUGHT I waned off my knees, that was not a good choice, contractions not only sped up they took on a lot more of an edge and I started to panic and tense up, remember 2005.  On my knees and hands it I had been in a great groove, and moaning the pain out and rocking.  That worked.  Once I changed position it vas like a card house tumbling, I could not quite “get a hold of it” again.  I started to panic.  Memories of the 2005 birth were my greatest enemy from the entire birth process.  Daddy and I talked and decided to accept a shot of fentanyl (sublimaze)   to take the pain back a bit, and to stop my panic.  Our birth plan had specified narcotic not be offered and everyone had respected that.  Daddy and I wanted to avoid unnecessary medical intervention, but we decided from a physiological stand point this vas a good option more to let me get back on top mentally than to actually address pain.

 I had one shot, and boy I felt warm.  The contractions did not stop and frankly the pain did not really get better, but the panic left me and the sharpness of the contraction vas removed.  For most of the labor the contraction did NOT have a sharp edge to them; they were classically “squeezing” and “constricting” and dull and wide; the shot return them to that feel with out the cutting feel that the panic brought on.

 By 6 Laural was prepping the room for the birth, bringing the heating table (that we don’t use) and the BIG MIRROR and the rolling carts of stuff (most unused by us but I thank God over and over again that we are blessed to live in a day and time where we have the tools and care available if anyone should even need them).  I just argued with her and laughed; again I labored 33 hours straight in 2005 and then pushed 3 hours – this vas too easy and too fast.  At 6 pm she told me “trust me, in an hour or less you are going to be holding a baby”.  I had no idea, I vas in transition – I hit that about 5 or 5:30.  Never having experience transition in 2005 I had no idea.  Things felt faster, the room louder and brighter despite Laural having turned the lights down for me.  My skin felt hot an a little itchy.  Still I could not believe the baby vas arriving this soon. 

 When the urge to push hit, it hit.  Mitizer was not there, but we did not wait, I had pushed though 2 or 3 contractions before he arrived.  I was on my side, sitting up, well kinda up.  Supported behind my back by my hubby and a pile of pillows.  One older nurse that came in (the room seems to fill when you push and the baby arrives) tried to get me to roll over, and scoot down.  Laural stopped her before I could even say a word to refuse.  Mitizer walking in at that point told her from across the room “Let Aimee do what ever feels best”.  Looking back I wish I had remained on my knees; but I am also glad I did not since had I nee on all 4’s I would not have been able to catch Little Brother like I did.  Laural sat on the edge of be bed by my hips and held one of my hands as I pushed, she counted for me (not that it mattered but I liked her voice and one thing to concentrate on in the noise).  At our request the room vas not silent, because if it is silent then I’d “look for sound” but it vas not loud either.

 Mitizer had a medical student with him, as he had most of the day, and I was excited for a student to see a “mostly natural” normal birth.  I would RATHER birth without any interventions, but I know enough to respect my mental state as well as how to use interventions for us.  In 2005 I made several mistakes and the biggest one vas the sin of pride and the attachment to a grand ideal of 100% natural birth.  I am glad the Student got the opportunity to see natural minded family use medical interventions to support a natural birth without the birth becoming a “fully medical” event.  I think we presented a nice balance; that medical interventions are not an all or nothing option for a birthing mothers – the choice does not have to be medical or natural.  Ok maybe I am wrong and that is self justification, so be it.  I made massive mistakes in 2005 and had a very hard unpleasant birth and I feel a lot of it was the result of my holding a perfect natural birth as an idol and then flaying as I failed to achieve it thus digging myself deeper and deeper.  In 2007 I had an amazing and nearly perfect birth. 

 I pushed for about 20 minutes, I love that mirror seeing the baby’s head crown was amazing.  Little Brother has a dark full head of hair, Big Brother in 2005 I had not seen till after birth, but was bald.  Daddy said he felt my concentration on my push slip when I saw that great head of hair.  Daddy, at that point, was sure the baby was a girl.  J  It took 3 contraction / push cycles to get past crowning.  I head Mitizer talking to the Student, they sounded 1000 miles away, discussion episiotomy and why he was not doing one and why they can be a bad idea.  I had a 4th degree tear in 2005 and still (in 2010) have scars.  I did not tear, but it might have been better if I did, I had massive swelling, and a clear little tear might have healed faster. 

 Once the baby’s head was free Mitizer asked Daddy if he wanted to guide the baby out and he did not, but I sure did.  I reached forward.  Little Brother had his head and one arm free.  I got a hand under his arm, and Mitizer had a hand under his back until I got a hand under his 2nd arm.  Then I just pulled him up on to my chest.  It was the most amazing tear filled joyous moment ever.

 Bad Momma I can not remember, now, who announced the boy to be a boy; and I remember Laurel putting a blanket over us.  That is all folks, I do not remember much after that except gazing at my baby and hearing my loving husband talk in my ear.  One new nurse did try to question the refusal do to a vit K shot, but she was silenced by someone (maybe me, I don’t remember). 

 I wanted a shower so bad about 2 hours later, but no go.  I tired to get up to go to the bathroom and fainted.  So I was stuck bed bound till I finally snuck out on my own some time Saturday morning!!  We were blessed with a 2nd great nurse, Shelly. 

 We took Little Brother home on Halloween.  When daddy arrived to take us home (he was going home and sleeping with Big Brother) we still did not have a middle name for him.  He had the first name we had before labor, but still no middle name.  Daddy and I sat for over an hour going over a list of names, middle names, Daddy had brought with him before choosing a name before left. 


Little Brother

  • Oct 29, 2007
  • 6:53 pm
  • 6 pounds .05 oz
  • 18 inches


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Books and Books

I took the boys to the library this week, like I try each week.

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Modesty, Dignity and Head Covering And their relation to my personal faith walk

Up to post 3 in this serise if you are counting.  🙂 

I have said it before; I am going to day it again:  I am not qualified to make Biblical interpretations.  This Blog contains only my thoughts and my comments on the reading I am doing; my impressions.  This is an on-going conversation and “thought process” for me I invite you to see the first two posts:


These posts are in no way intended to be a lesson, merely my thoughts, and my on-going evolving thoughts at that.  As I have said before if God convicts you, or speaks to you via me or used me to sharpen you (Proverbs 27:17  Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.), I praise Him for it, it is Him and not me.  I am still praying, seeking God on this subject and trying to find my way.  I feel a hunger deep inside me, I feel a call, but alas the path is not clear or easy.  I continually pray for my boys that God’s path for them shall be clear and easy to discern; I do not ask that it be easy to travel, only that the correct path be clear and distinguishable for them.  I pray this for myself too. 

 I feel pulled in to almost a whirlpool — and I see many observers, some I really like and enjoy my time with standing by, unsure – unsure of what is going on, unsure if I am floundering or what.  Some seem to want to rescue me; others think I am simply caught up in a fad, some I suspect think this is the work of one other than Him we serve.  Part of me does want to reach out for a branch of the old normal because “letting go and letting God” is a very anti-establiment thing and it is uncharted territory.  Frankly I feel alone seeking God.  Stepping out away from normal and routine, towards God; stepping out of the boat – that step of faith is a tough one to take, the boat is safe and known.  Ask Peter.  (Matthew 14:22-33

I can be honest enough to say I do so wish I had a community where this was normal — a Christian version of the Jewish Orthodox community if you will.  A Christian community living a strong faith life, a more moment to moment life a place more removed from the world.  I know that makes me a wimp, but it is hard to feel like I am walking alone, no clear path and no clear or reliable mentor.  I trust God, I desire to serve God and to follow Him as He determines, but even The Rock upon which to Church is Built doubted and fell, how much less am I?  I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. ~ Philippians 3:14


I have been reading more about Head Covering and about 1 Cor 11:2-16 and also about the “idea” of our choices in dress as a sign of respect for God and especially His House and Table when we are in Church.  I am deep in thought about how I dress, how I present myself; in and out of service. 


I have a ton more to read, sitting here on the counter, waiting for me.  I am by no means at a point of discernment, or a place of understanding, a place of clarity.  This is an awakening for me.  The journey is just beginning for me.  Honestly this is confusing, challenging, exhilarating and enlightening, and having finished Dressing with Dignity, and Glories Seen and Unseen; I am excited to jump into the next one. 


There is a very real difference between dressing attractively and dressing to attract.  Modesty is not just about how much skin you show or do not show; it is about form showing.  Nevertheless the opposite of immodest is not frumpy; there is no need, no mandate to hide ourselves.  “Femininity is a supernatural assignment from God; it is how God created us”. (Dressing 49)  Men and women stand equally in dignity, but separate in function.  Adult women understand fully well what they do when they dress to attract and manipulate; no woman can dress like she is for sale (or at least rent) then be honestly shocked or offended when she is ogled; no matter how she wants to pretend or act, she knows and every female reading this realizes that is true. 


My new favorite quote is from G. K. Chersterton  (a great thinker and man, whom some dear friends plan to name their next son after) “No one starting at that frightful female privilege, can quite believe in the equality of the sexes…”  The fact is, yes women have been mistreated, belittled and marginalized over time, but by individual men, not by God and not by Faith (Dressing 21).  “The Christian faith has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and left untried.”  (also G. K. Chesterton)  The problem is not what Christians do, or the Church does, the problem is what many may have done in the name of the faith or the Church; that is a grand differenceAll humans are mortal, sinful and fallen; but the sins of men can not be used to condemn the Creator; and the actions of some should not be assumed to correctly reflect God and His order and plan.   


I have been very convicted by this simple passage:  the church is a special place- heaven on earth.  We should be careful not to offend the holiness of the Church. (Glories 32) God tells us clearly that our modesty is our true ornament (Glories 24).  I am realizing I, too, have fallen in to a lazy “everyone else does it” mindset regarding my dress both at Church and in public in general.  While I have not gone so far as to start shopping in my pajamas (I am not, after all 6) I really understand I have slacked off to an unacceptable point.  I love how God can Teach and Convict and really make a point, but do so slowly and kindly.  I am anxious to see what else is to be revealed to me, about me, in the next few books I have picked out. 


The real nervous tension I am feeling is related to the understanding I need to convert all this thought and learning into practical life changes; that is exciting, trilling and anxiety inducing all at the same time.  Reading is one thing, stepping out of that boat is another all together.  All precious things are veiled, hidden, and difficult to get to by God’s design: the Holy of Holys right to a pearl in a clam; and that is very exciting to me (Dressing 19).    


As I have said before, at least once, I have been prayfully considering head covering, and waiting on a clear lead from God, as well as a way to respect my husband’s thoughts on the matter at the same time.  I really struggle with the fact it seems so clear in the Bible but then I don’t see anyone doing it.  That just doesn’t make sense to me.  Also, it clear, was the practice for thousands of years, but now is not?  God and His word does not change?  Again, I really face conflict over this. 


1 Cor 11:2-16 clearly instructs women to cover in times of pray.  I know many resist this.  I never specifically thought much about covering while I was younger.  But I too have been guilty of having a hard heart against Paul’s writings in general.  For a long time I struggled against God’s expression via Paul, but I have come to understand that my conflict is with Paul and his tone and apparent attitude towards females and not with God or Hid word.  My challenge, personally, is to get past the writing style.  I know he is writing God’s words.  In my opinion – he could have caused much less consternation “in the ranks” if he had been more clear in his text.  However, I have to accept that God used Paul as God chose – and maybe the very fact you have to dig to get the meat of Paul after the sometimes bitter presentation, is the gold of the text.  You are forced to think and to search; and thus learn more than had Paul spelled things out clearly. 


As we know God does not change, so if He gave the instruction, via Paul, once then that instruction still stands.  Mal 3:6   For I [am] the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.   God does not change his mind; (interesting read 

Loving Christ and having Christ’s sacrifice does not in any form nullify God’s Commandants (see for and interesting read).  Matthew 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.   A women’s choice to cover in pray demonstrated an agreement with divine order, her personal subjection to God.  That is as true in 2010 as it was in 1910 or 1810. 


I can not recommend Glories Seen and Unseen by Henderson strongly enough; I really wish everyone would read it, Henderson does such a better job than I can hope to.  I requested it inter-library-loan.  As I have read, and re-reading; a few things finally have because clear to be with regard to the head covering mandate. 


First consider this, it is still today common practice for a man to remove a hat during a pray (think of a public pray on the anniversary of 9/11 and people standing outside, or think of a pray before a football game – all men remove their hands).  This practice is accepted and continues till “now” so then the question is why is it somehow viewed as “out dated” or “inconvenient” for a woman to cover her head at the same time?  Both practices, two halves to the same practice, were accepted for thousands of years, but since about 1950 one practice has been deemed outdated, and the other not?   

Next, the basis for choosing a behavior that honors God is a submitted will, and not coerced behavior; and choose it we must since we are creatures gifted with Free will, and creatures given our salvation freely at the cross.  1 John 4: 18There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.  Our salvation comes from the cross it is freely given to us, not based on any merit of our’s.  Nevertheless since we have that gift we choose to submit ourselves to God’s Law and God’s will; or we should.  A chose we make freely since it ‘earns us nothing’ and is purely an avenue for us to show our love of God and our submission to him.  A forced “choice” mocks God’s order and His Divinity; God longs for a spirit of submission to truth, not bitterness.  A friend expressed it beatfully in a conservation she and I had about obedience beyond the Cross.  I freely wear my wedding ring, a gift of love and devotion.  Not wearing the ring doesn’t make me any less married, but it does hurt my husband’s joy.  I can stand on the cross alone and refuse God’s call beyond that, but what does that say about my love and my relationship with God?


Henderson summarized it this way:  Head Covering is not required at all times, but it must be worn by believing women when engaged in the serious work of pray or teaching….the glory of God is evident for all to see.” (Glories 99)

It does not honor God to delay obedience by arguing what we understand.  This is the point I have reached, a point requiring personal action due to personal conviction.  James 4:17 Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.  We need to have a submitted heart; it is what one does for love of Christ that shows the true condition of a heart.  It is in our smallest choices that our obedience to God is most clearly demonstrated.  Nevertheless, this addresses only those that God has convicted; if God has not called someone personally to a choice then they are not accountable for that behavior.  Read James 4:17 again:  Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.  You can not be accountable for what God has not revealed to you yet. 


Nevertheless I desire to challenge you to just think the blessing the church would receive experience if Christians would just embrace the plain truth of Scripture in lieu of spiritualizing or rationalizing God’s word into obscurity.  All Scripture was God breathed and given for a purpose (2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.)   

A few Bible verses for consideration:

  • Deu 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so [are] abomination unto the LORD thy God.
  •  Matt 5:27-28  27“You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’[a] 28But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
  •  Gal 5:22-23  22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.
  •  Proverbs 7:10 And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot, and subtil of heart.
  •  Rom 12:1-2  1Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual[a] act of worship. 2Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
  • 1 cor 3:16, 17  16Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you? 17If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him; for God’s temple is sacred, and you are that temple


And on a practical note a dear friend and fellow walker referred me to this site:—HW006SF.html

I found these sites and  am excited to look at it more. 

Two books quoted here:

Dressing with Dignity by Hammond 


Glories Seen and Unseen by Warren A. Henderson 


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Is it home schooling or is it …

… life with a couple of pre-schoolers in the home?


Today we did math work.  Big Brother has a lot of math skills, he can recite math facts and “talks” math a lot.  However he is now at a point he is limited by his ability, or lack there of, to write numerals; so we have started doing more of that.  Today he did 2 sheets of math – one counting and the other adding, and he also copied the numerals 1 to 5 (copied momma).   He also did some tracing and some “what comes next” pages too – his choice (momma suggested the math, but he did agree).

 Fire art today meant play dough.  Big Brother’s request.  Big Brother worked for over 100 minutes.  Little Brother played and left and came back and left again; his attention span is not there; nor his skill.   

 Creative play today was FARM.. I was thinking the other day we’d not had the farm out in a while and today Big Brother asked for it—wow.  They boys don’t do a lot of pretend play; they set them up, they knock them down, I set them up and then they knock them down.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  Not a lot of interaction.  Today Big Brother did use the people and make then “animal rescuers” and “animal doctors”.  Big Brother would tell me to report missing animals to him, so any animal not on the rug I’d report.  The most amazing thing might have been clean up.  There are a lot of pieces so I jumped in to help, Little Brother got right there and as picking up things and dropping them in the tubbie; no really effort on my part to encourage or direct him.  Big Brother is getting really good at looking under the sofa and so on for missing items before calling all clean too. 


 Big Brother made more robots today; and the photo of Little Brother on my back were taken by Big Brother.

And ….and Little Brother oves toast.  Today he got out the toaster and carried to an outlet at floor level and trying to plug it in for himself.  🙂 








Today’s Read A Loud list:

  • My Many Colored Days by Seuss
  • I am Made of Mommas Milk
  • The Berenstian Bears and the Prize Pumpkin
  • The Pumpkin Fair
  • The Berenstain Bear Count Their Blessings
  • Llama Llama mad at Momma
  • Bats at the Library
  • Pigs Ahoy.  Lib book.  I think I liked it more than the boys. 
  • Fidgety Fish and Friends.  Lib book.  This is Little Brotehr FAV book.  he loooves it.  I do not get to read it, just yell out the item Little Brother is pointing at.  He really likes the bubbles and jelly fish.  It is a really cute book.
  • Barnyard Big Top,  Lib book.  maybe beyond the boys, you have to look at the pictures to see the humor in the text and netierh seemsed to get it.  Little Brother loved the pig though.





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My Blessed Life 10.25.10

I have a truly blessed life.  I get to spend each day mom-ing my two fabulous boys. 



Today was nothing out of the ordinary.  We got up and hung out.  Both boys had Speech Therapy with Miss Emily at the pre-school today (one-on-one time in an empty classroom). 

 Big Brother is working on clear speech in conservation and functional speech; he is working on generalizing sounds he can make quiet well (tapping the tongue for the T) into actual words and sentences. 

 Little Brother is working on simply communication.  That is communication without screeching.  He is encouraged to use picture cars, ASL or verbalization.  He is really doing better, in Speech Time, at choosing picture cards and presenting them for the activity (ball or bubbles today) here at home I am having less success.  Today he did mimic Miss Emily in signing BUBBLES.

 Since each boy sees Miss Emily alone, the other boy gets play time with momma.  Today, again, both were drawn to the big trees outside the school.


Once home we cleaned up the living room.  Putting toys up, vacuuming out the sofa and sweeping the hardwood.  Both boys put forth an effort to help, and Big Brother is getting more and more effective in his efforts and knows the routine and what needs to be done fairly well.


We read books, and we colored.  I pulled some new colors out for us, I took a standard 48 box of crayons out of the craft box and pulled out different colors (I saw no reason to add more oranges or blues to the open box).  We also experimented with using one of our pencil sharpeners to sharpen crayons. 


Now the boys are sleeping cuddled and safe in the bed, and momma is going to finish cleaning the house and spend some time with daddy.  I am a lucky lucky woman. 








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Guest Post #3 — “why”

This momma is one of the great moms from my blogroll.  Met Jen  

Glory To God

Jhn 9:2 And His disciples asked Him, saying, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jhn 9:3 Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him.

My family has special needs so that the works of God should be revealed. I wouldn’t trade that in for anything, not all the gold on Earth. I have learned more from my boys than I could ever teach them. They have taught me the value of God’s character, His mercy, His love, His joy, and most of all, His forgiveness.

You can read the whole thing here: If you read the whole chapter, Jesus was judged right off the bat. Instantly, the man was questioned by the Pharisees, as soon they found out the guy was healed. Eventually the man runs into Jesus again and they have a conversation, the man becomes a Christian because he believes, then in Jhn 9:39 And Jesus said, “For judgment I have come into this world, that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may be made blind.”

I am not perfect. I don’t even try to be. I have no desire to live religiously as the Pharisees did, I just believe. I know that Jesus forgives because of His death and resurrection on the cross. He IS perfect, yet took our sin to death with Him and washed our sin clean with His life, His blood. He lives, and we give glory to Him. My boys are a testament to His glory.

We are not special needs because of sin. We are not special needs because it’s someones’ fault. We are not special needs because….We just are and I hope, in some way, that brings glory to God.

Psa 139:14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. <–That includes all of us, special needs too.

You can read more about us (If you’re so inclined 🙂 at my website: Thanks!

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Random Sunday Thoughts 10.24.10

Little Brother is exploding in the language department.  He mimics me saying his Big Brother’s name; he is now yelling GO GO GO GO GO.  He now consistently finds his ears, his mouth, his teeth, his head and his nose.  However, ask him his EYES and you get toes, ask him his KNEE and get tummy – but hey it is improvement over the time when all he’d ID was his NOSE and he’d “guess nose” for anything else you asked him.  He has been mimicking several random words; the frustrating thing is that he often mimics a given word very closely ONCE and flat refused to even try it again.  Another first, this week he identified BLUE for me for the first time, first color identification ever actually, that vas really exciting.  Little Brother’s speech ability seems to be “coming along” faster than Big Brother’s did, at this age Big Brother vas not babbling nor mimicking at all.  However Big Brother used so much more ASL that his communication never seemed as limited as Little’s is still. 

Yesterday we made our fall trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  Little Brother refused to go in the bouncy house until momma did too, and then he did not want to leave.  Daddy said momma’s volunteer guards look better than the ones the Patch had for sale.  (see photos here).  Each boy got to choose 2 of their own and Momma chose a couple too.  The first got carved that night, as soon as we got home.  Big Brother choose one that vas still part green, he really anted a “funny shaped one” like in the Bernstein Bears Ghost walk book, but really here were not any mis-shaped pumpkin, and trust me we looked.  So he accepted a “strangely colored one” and I was really proud of him for being able to make that save.  Big Brother took great care in inspecting the pumpkins in the fields, turning them over and choosing, on his own, to walk away from some that were moldy or bug eaten.  Again, I was impressed by his maturity. 

 This year we craved jack-o’-lanterns for the first time.  (see photos here) I was so proud of Big Brother for reaching right in, well reaching in after some encouragement and armed with a spoon, and helping de-junk them.  Little Brother was less sure and less energetic, but did a little bit. 

Loving the GREAT fall weather here!!

Loving bubble baths here too !!



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