A different approach to chocolate syrup

So I actually EXPERIMENTED in the kitchen with a “cooking related thing” last night.  Be amazed, be very amazed.  My kitchen confidence level is so low it could be negative so this is a huge deal.  Furthermore no fire and the product is usable if not perfect.

Big Brother is very self-limiting in his food consumption.  I do my best to respect his desires about food while at the same time trying to expand his collection.  I DO truly desire for him to eat more variety, but I am well aware of the dangers of food struggles.  As long as he is healthy, gaining weight (though I am not sure how) and otherwise fine, I choose to keep the food fights low level.  Also  Daddy and I struggle with the idea of demanding a child eat if they don’t want to; we both feel – especially in this nation of eating disorders and obesity – to teach our children to listen to their bodies and not to eat because of a clock or to eat everything because it is there.  So if Big Brother is not hungry, I feel to a good extent we should respect his body, just as we did breastfeeding – allow him to say if he is hungry or not rather than forcing expectations on him.

I’d love to be able to sneak more ‘good stuff’ into his foods, but most of his acceptable foods do not give that option.  How I wish he’d eat muffins or pancakes or something, but not yet.  Frankly last time we make home made cookies at his request, he helped, he ate ½ of one cookie and that vas all, for the entire batch.

One on going concern of mine is protein.  A variety of protein might be a better term, he gets enough protein but it is all whey – milk and some yogurt (no cheese).  Occasionally he eats chicken in nugget form (Tyson dino nuggets often) but then, maybe 1 or 2 nuggets so that is a small amount of protein.  Occasionally he eats crunchy fish sticks, but again he consumes so few that the protein count can’t be that high.  No meat, way back when he was just starting food, and was like 14 or 15 months he’d eat as much browned venison as I offered; then he stopped.  I do not think he has ever eaten beef or pork.  No fish that is not in crunchy stick form, and well breaded to make it crunchy.

He does drink milk, ‘hot cocoa’ – basically chocolate milk heated up.  He doesn’t like white milk, though he used to, and frankly I have bigger fish to fry at the moment that a battle of wills over milk.  Besides, chocolate has more calories, and that is not a bad thing for him.  Many have suggested removing his milk, for various reasons.  I admit his doctor / nutritionist, who I truly respect and value, has suggested it.  The reason I don’t?  Simple really.  I am afraid to.  I know he has the capacity for starving himself, I know his emotional challenges get worse without enough food, and honestly I am afraid to go down that road.  Sad, but true.  I am afraid he’d just not consume anything; and I am afraid that THAT would snowball downhill and make everything else about his challenges just that much harder to deal with, on a minute to minute bases.  My biggest fear is he’d end up sick or in the hospital due to it and then I’d loose control of his ‘care” and he’d be force fed and all the unkind “get the kid to eat” methods I refuse would come in to play, then, I’d have real issues to deal with for the rest of his life and quite possible a real eating disorder or more emotional issues than we have now. Ok, so I may have to “go there” some time, but not now.

So since we are following the Feingold diet (http://www.feingold.org/) I make real chocolate syrup / sauce for making him hot cocoa or putting on ice cream.




At the health food store I bought:  Organic Inca Meal Rice Protein (Peaceful Planet brand).  It is a non-soy vegan protein power.  The raw organic fruit complex DOES include berries, and Big Brother is not supposed to have that.  But, sighhhh, I didn’t see that till I bought it.  (I never said this diet was easy).  So I am going to go on and try it – then next time I will have to be more careful.  I see now on the store site they have a vegetable non-soy protine power, so many next time I should try that.

Here is the experiment.  Don’t laugh.  The protein power is very light and powdery like a powered sugar.  So I tried adding some of it to the chocolate syrup as I made it.  Hey it was worth a shot.

I tried:

  • 1 cup water
  • ½ cup cocoa
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 scoop of protein power (included scoop – each scoop is 15 grams of protein)

The scoop is 1/4 cup

I warmed the water and dissolved the coco in it, like normal, then added the protein power.  Then as that dissolved I added the sugar.

I split the pot them, part I removed and did not boil and the other ½ I boiled as normal.

Ok – so success or fail?

NOT FAIL.  I am fairly happy with it, and it is usable – that is what matters.  I am hesitant to call it a clear success – but I am happy with it for a first try.

The ½ that I did not boil is not 100% smooth, but dissolves into “warm milk” if warmed – but not when cold.  So my chocolate milk is a bust, but his hot cocoa was fine.  Also this syrup will go in the pour spout bottle I use for our chocolate syrupy.  Not as smooth as normal but basically the same.  Big Brother didn’t notice.  He drank all of the 4 oz I gave him immediately.

The ½ that I did boil really thicken up – not fudge, but noticeably thicker than my chocolate syrup usually is.  Hubby suggested it as an ice cream topping or something.   It is thicker, fudgier.  However it still dissolved in heated up milk.  It took more effort than the unbolided mix.  Big Brother said it tasted “fine” but then did not finish all 4 oz.  so I can’t fully tell.

So I will use the rest of the practice batch and then decide.  Next time I want to dissolve the protein power into the water before I add the cocoa – rather than 2nd to see if that will dissolve the protein power better.


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  1. Julie

    Wow way to go out of your comfort zone!!

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