Today when we were driving and doing errands I let the boys watch the Letter factory on the van DVD player.  I was so excited to hear Little Brother, yes LITTLE BROTHER mimicking phone sounds.  This is so cool.

Today, for “school” Big Brother asked to make another book.  I asked him what he wanted to do it about and suggested a few things, but he chose to make another dinosaur book.   He put a lot of effort in to all the pages, and then dictated to me the text.  I got him to write his name for the title page and we made a cover.

Today’s Read A Loud List:

  • I need my Monster by Noll.   this book
  • The Beginners Bible.  45 pages
  • Curious George Takes a Job.  (one of the original ones)
  • Dr Seuss’ Hooray for Diffendoofer Day.
  • The Bernstein Bear’s Moving Day
  • Whose Baby Am I?
  • Showdown at the Food Pyramid.


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8 responses to “9.28.2010

  1. carolyn bledsoe

    Big’s an artist! And good for little – he’s really catching on, isn’t he?

  2. Crystal

    Yay for little brother!

  3. Alex

    Big fans of the Letter Factory! Big brother is doing so well with his name, very cool. We borrowed Curious George Gets a Job from the library Monday, the original Curious George books are so much better. ❤

  4. Auntie Roo

    Jennifer had book and tapes and she carried them where ever she went, maybe we need to look into something like that. She would sit and “read” and enjoyed seeing the words on the page as well as hearing them at her own pace.

    • planning to try audio books on the trip to see you in Oct. I tired once before — and he didn’t track it. no book, just the book on CD playing in the car. I’d love to have an child-proof tape player (or even CD player) with head phones the boys could listen to stories on — but I’d have to have 2 identical (they could have different books of course, but I can’t let Big have one and little not — neither is that good at sharing or anything — not on something like that) ones and they’d need to be tough. dreams, i don’t even know if they make them. But i do think it would be fun.

      I have the original Curious George on CD and I think i have all the books too …

      Big is gonna read one day soon all by himself — at least the simple stuff

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