Phonics “assessment” 9.20.2010

I have been working on “file folder games” for the boys – I love my laminator.  My games do not actually go in file folders, 🙂 , but that is the general idea.  Little educational games or “pieces” that can be manipulated.

So I have a set of letter cards (2 inches by 2 inches, black and white, block letters, cut apart and laminated).  A capital and a lower case of each of the 26 letters, plus a picture card for each letter completes the set.

I am not one for a lot of academic testing, ok I AM, but I am not one for pushing the child or telling them what is going on.  For my own benefit, and given professionals at schools asked, I thought I would see just where Big Brother’s phonics skill really are.  Daddy asked Big Brother several letter / sound pairs this moring in our ‘before getting up snuggle time’ and Daddy and I both got up amazed and pleased.

I posted yesterday about the fact that he seems in general to be “off” on a skill until one day there is a sudden explosion and in a week or 2, or less, the skill or ability is mastered.  Again, in May and June he could not rhyme at all, seemed almost random.  In August he started to “get them” and now is well above 95% for mastery.  Phonic seems to be following that same pattern; nothing, nothing, and now seemingly out of the blue; POOF he has a lot of the skills.  So I wanted to find out just where he stands.

Today Big Brother and I sat at the table and simply went though them; I am not the most creative momma, sadly.  I asked him to identify each letter and give the correct sound.  For picture cards, I asked him what letter or sound they start with.  The picture cards do have the word written on them, in addition to the picture, but when you are learning I don’t even think that is “cheating”.  I know today’s correct answer does not indicate complete mastery, I know there is a ‘forward and back and forward again” tone to really mastering fundamental skills / tool likes phonics; but at least this gives me a general idea of his level.

So there were 78 possible correct answers (26 + 26 + 26 = 78).  He only missed EIGHT – so that is 90%!!!!! That is, uh, if grades matters.  Giggle.  Grades really do not matter, not at this age.  Momma is kinda obsessed with check list and so on, but I admit it and try to laugh about it.  I am just amazed 2 or 3 weeks ago his mastery of this topic was so lacking, and now it is practically achieved.  A real confidence builder for MOMMA let me tell you.

He could not correctly identify:

  • Capital I
  • Capital Y
  • Capital w
  • Lowercase y
  • Lowercase n
  • Lowercase u
  • Lowercase q
  • Lowercase g

I am really proud of him.  Obviously the work on phonics doesn’t stop here, but it is clear that he is acquiring the tools he needs.



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6 responses to “Phonics “assessment” 9.20.2010

  1. It’s really encouraging to know that they are on track, isn’t it?

    One of my main reasons for homeschooling is to raise our little one in a godly way, with an emphasis on the importance of family – not to send her out in an unknown world (to her and to me) when I feel she is to young to navigate it. Despite my DH being homeschooled himself, I feel like everyone else we know is either against the idea or seriously skeptical. Which is why I’m also not an unschooler; I need to have some structure for her and me, and some standards so that she is generally on par with her peers. It helps me to know we are on track, educationally, which gives me confidence towards our peers.

    I like your perspective on your family, your letter cards, and assesments. I look forward to reading the rest of you blog!

    • 🙂 welcome, glad to have you here — i loove loove loooove comments.

      we will gain structure as the boys mature — i see no reason to foce it upon them at an age they are going to fight it, when i can glide them into it. no one forces a child to walk before they are developmentally ready, but let’s push them into little chairs and shove seat work before them and drill them. All things in good time.

      • Lol. Agreed. I mean structure more in terms that I have planned something on a fairly regular, day to day basis, that I have an idea where we are going and how we might get there, that I have a binder and folders for ‘record keeping’ – appreciating work that was accomplished.

  2. Grandma

    Hubby needs to work with big brother,where little brother can hear them, he may pick up on it and want to play , with the game with Daddy also. hubby was exposed to Math at the age of 3 years at head start, where Mike went to class. He picked up on the math problems by just listening, he then worked the problems by him self.


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