A day that will live in infamy; and a day that will … ?

A day that will live in infamy; and a day that will … ?? Be forgotten?

Dec 7 1941 the United States was attacked without provocation. This attack drew the US in to World War II. A day that will live in infamy.

9 years ago this morning our great nation was attacked again without provocation in a manner very reminiscent of a cold December morning in Pearl Harbor. September 11, 2001. Our home soil was attacked by men with evil in their hearts; with no justification.

The disgrace is that the reaction; the response. Our generation has not stepped up to the plate the way the greatest generation did 60 years ago.

I had just gotten home from an over-night shift at a children’s mental health facility and gone to bed. I was tired, and confused by all the early morning phone calls, honestly annoyed. I was woken by a phone call from a man I was dating at the time; he made no sense so I called my father and was informed that evil had dare to attach us on our own soil. Not a military attack on military; but a sneak attack on civilians. The sitting President of the nation was reading a book to first graders when the attacks occurred, normal life as we all knew it was changed that morning.

Many good people lost their life that day, some as heroes in planes, some unaware in offices and many doing their job as responders; we must remember. Not only remember, we must act. We must push forward and be proactive not merely sit around crying and waiting to be attacked again.

I am greatly sadden that today, not even 10 years later, there seems to be a movement to discount 9/11; to ignore it, to intentionally try to forget it. My family shopped, ate and hiked in rural Iowa today. In the small town we were in, in the middle of the mid-west many flags remains high, not taken down to half-mast as they should have been. Our local small town opened their new library today with a ribbon cutting; there were no local 9/11 memorials. This is the heart of the nation, these are the people that stand for Old Glory and remember to take their hats off; and even here no one wanted to remember. To remember is to face what need to be done and to face what has to be done is to admit we currently, as a nation, are not doing it.

The President did not take today as a call to action, but yet another PC opportunity to make attempt to make good Americans feel bad about BEING good Americans. He, again, sought to condemn true Americans for caring more about our nation and our people than about our enemies and their feelings.

We must remember we are at war, a war we did not start. Not a conflict, not a scrimmage, not a dispute. A real war, a war with a real enemy that intends to kill all of us, and destroy the nation we call home. The enemy’s intent is genocide. They want to destroy us all; as non-Muslims (Christian, Jew, Pagan, Hindi, Atheist, other, they do not care) and a culture. A war we did not start, but a war we are duty bound to finish or die trying; otherwise we will die like sitting ducks just waiting for the next attack.

There are 10 million radial jihadists out there that want to kill you, they want to kill me, and they want to kill our children. They do not just want to win this international conflict so they can mark it on a scoreboard; they want to see us all dead. This is their stated objective and they are not going to stop unless we stop them; we did not start this conflict but we must finish it and protect ourselves. Radical Muslims want to destroy out very culture; and while I will be the first to state there is a great deal wrong with popular culture and norms in the United States today Shar’ iah Law is not the solution. Remember everyone, our very country – our home soil – was attacked 9 years ago today by a fringe group that seeks to destroy us and kill us all. Remember the lost and remember why we HAVE to fight.

It is a disgrace that the President of the United States did not use today as a battle cry, a call to action; a reminded to all that the danger is very real in this war. We do not need tolerance; we do not need to be politically correct; or sensitive to our enemy.

It is vital we keep in mind the people that committed this horrible crime, the evil people that attacked our great nation do not simply desire to over come us, they seek to see us all dead and out great nation destroyed. We need to remember our outrage, our anger. We need to remember the feeling of that morning 9 years ago; to remember our indignation, our offence. We need to stare at images of noble responders killing themselves to get people out of collapsing towers; we need to revisit the horror of jet liners flying into the New York skyline. We need to remember the fire and the death and the children kill or orphaned. Look at the New York skyline and remember what was done to us; remember the military center (pentagon) bringing. Remember your fear, your anger; remember that we were attacked, out of the blue, totally without prevarication.

There are men and women today, this minute, boots on the sand risking their very life for you, and for me. They are sons and daughters, mom and dads, husbands and wives. Their very lives are in danger. This stands true for the entire nation, we are in danger. We are in more danger tonight than this night 9 years ago; and people want to forget rather than fight.

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  1. Auntie Roo

    I flew my flag today

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