Random stuff from the past couple of days:

We pulled 6 more large decorative gourds off the volunteer vines.  There are at least 6 more small ones, really small ones cute ones.   The boys had a great time “discovering” them; many squeals of delights.

The boys are very excited about and proud of their new sandbox.  Big Brother has made a point to showing everyone that has come to the house.  He also told people at the store about it today.  We’ve played in it each day; even in the winds yesterday that kept blowing sand into his face, he’d not stop.

We got 3 more acorn squash off the volunteer veins also (for a total of 4 now).  Not huge, but decent sized.  I am waiting to hear how they tasted!!

Big Brother was doing math facts at 6:25 Tuesday morning.  It was still dark; I was nursing Little Brother and cuddling the two of them.   I was only partially awake myself and frankly happy Little Brother was happy enough to nurse.  I didn’t even know Big Brother was awake yet and I head “3 + 4 = 7 Momma did you know that”.  He gets his math skills from his dad that is for sure.  The boy enjoys math facts.  Wednesday at 6:15 am he announced “we live in Iowa”.  These still-dark-first-word-out-of-his-mouth utterances shine light on a few things.  First of all he must wake up with his mind already a whirl and secondly, how long is he awake thinking while I think he is still in slumberland?

Tuesday we did sidewalk chalk for quite a long time, for these little boys anyway.  We drew another ocean and practiced numbers and letters.  Big Brother practices writing from LEFT to RIGHT and top to bottom.  He is frequently “writing words” for me to sound out (he loves consonants and not so much vowels, and long strings of letters) and so I am really gently pushing that he remember LEFT to RIGHT.  He practiced his name in chalk too.  Also, I was glad to see he correctly identified the 5 random capital letters I wrote for him AND gave me the correct sound for each too.  I showed him some simple math fact sentences.  Like 3+4=7 and so on; just so that he starts to see them in writing.

I drew a 4-square court for Big Brother, but he doesn’t get it yet.  I need to have enough people to play it and let him see it, I think.

All three boys have been having a blast flying kites.  Little Brother has not, quite, got the idea that you have to HOLD ONE ALL THE TIME.  Lucky the house caught this one.

Library today, Wednesday, and I can not say enough how blessed we are by our Librarian.  Miss Annette takes time to listen to Big Brother and speak with him, even with his speech challenges.  She never ignores either boy.  She really takes the time, and makes the effort with both of the boys.  Little Brother is starting to be more excited about book, and loves going.

Big Brother picks:

  • Trucktown.  (a pre-reading, easy reader)
  • Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook.  By Garland.  We’ve had this one a few times before and love it.
  • Scooby-Doo and the Seashore SLimer (another easy reader but the highest level)

Little Brother picks:

  • Curious George Birthday.

Momma picks:


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  1. Crystal

    You guys have lots of fun. 🙂

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