This three-day weekend started with a beautiful mid-west fall day.  I love fall; crisp cool mornings, bright sunny days that are not too hot to really enjoy, the warm (not hot) sum shining on you (not beating on you).  We ran errands as a family and the boys got to play on two different playgrounds.

We jumped in and started our unit on food and the body today.  Well the food part any way.  Unplanned, actually, but I am always one to try to go along with the desires of the boys and optimize any opportunity that presents itself.  We picked up our first three children’s Inter-Library-Loan books today

and when we got home Big Brother wanted to read.  Big Brother really does love books.  Little Brother is taking more interest in the pictures and tolerates reading more (most days) but just doesn’t snuggle in for books like Big Brother always has.

We read all of Showdown at the Food Pyramid — the only one that is actually a story — and talked about the basics of the food pyramid:  the foods lower on the pyramid were foods we should eat more of, and the foods on top less of.  Big Brother was able to determine for himself that the treats at the top mean we should have “the little-est of”.  He also correctly names examples of all groups except for grains; without the picture to help him.

We read parts of Eat Your Vegetables!  Drink your milk! and The Monster Health Book neither of which are stories but are “fact books” where each topic is a page or two and can be read independently.  I really like The Monster Health Book; it is cute and has so much information it in; but doesn’t seem heavy; a bit old for my boys, but still I really like it.  And the presentation is great, very engaging and cute.  In Eat Your Vegetables!  Drink your milk! We read about the food pyramid again.  Eat Your Vegetables!  Drink your milk!  Is more of a “school like book” reminding me of a book I could have had in health class; a lot less fun than the Monster Health Book. Eat Your Vegetables!  Drink your milk! discussed oils and fats as part of the “treat top” and I think that was beyond Big Brother at this point, as they are not actual foods he recognized (like ice cream or a candy bar).  We read about the VEGETABLE FAMILY in The Monster Health Book and when I asked Big Brother if he thinks we eat 2 or 3 cups of veggies a day he said “no I know we don’t Momma” however when I suggested we should eat more he said “you eat more for us momma” so, apparently, we will have our work cut out for us; but he seems to be following the ideas pretty well if not so much the application.  Ah if only veggies came in yogurt!

I have added The Monster Health Book to my wish list for the boys, it will stand the test of time and is something we can refer to and read for years.  I am glad I got Showdown at the Food Pyramid and like it a lot, but I am glad to have gotten it as a library book, and might request it again.  We’ll read it this month while we have it and might request it again in the New Year to revisit the topic.  Great library book, but I don’t think it would really add much to our family collection to buy it.  (I do wish it was at our home library and not something I had to request ILL).  Eat Your Vegetables!  Drink your Milk we will also read until it is due back; but I won’t be requesting it again.  Not a bad book, good information, but just a little dry and schoolish and not as “engaging” as The Monster Health; which actually has more data in it anyway.

This afternoon Daddy finished up the outer boundary of the sandbox and the boys helped fill it and enjoyed some play time.  Big Brother even got to use the “thumper”.


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