Today was another good “just a momma” day.

I love these days, these are the days that give a momma confidence.

Set off the rockets!!!  Little Brother tried to say the word BLUE today.  I am so excited.  Joy exploded from my heart!!  I heard choirs of angles!!  The boys were playing play-doh today.  Big Brother really loves it, today he played for over 90 minutes – just sat there nice and still and attentive.  It is by far the one activity that Big Brother really attends to, consistently.  Little Brother climbed in a chair at the table and wanted to play too.  He is just so cute when he mimics Big Brother.  I offered him blue or red “do you want the red or the blue” he grabbed the BLUE play-doh and said “b-u” it was loud and clear. I hugged him, kissed him and even Big Brother said “good job baby”.  Big Brother noticed all on his own, I didn’t have to point it out to him.  “When daddy gets home, tell him what baby said”.   He is not even three yet and that was a real attempt at a real word!!!  I am so excited.  I was also impressed that Big Brother even noticed it!!

Cute story.

Big Brother said “I didn’t know you when you were married, where did Daddy find you”.

My boys love frogs.  We have a ton of small dark colored frogs.  We routinely see 3 to 5 or more each day in our outside time.  The boys catch them and take them to the marigolds.  That is the routine catch and release.  Today Little Brother opened the toy shed on the front porch and started to yell and giggle; there were 43 bigger frogs in the toys, and boy did they scatter fast.  These frogs are different; they are bigger and much lighter in color and faster, a lot faster and more reactive.  Our normal frogs will sit and let even Little Brother (2 years, 9 months) squat by them and look and squeal and lean in – as long as the boys do not touch them, then generally sit still.  These frogs today, the bigger lighter colored ones, sprang away if you leaned towards them.  I actually had a challenge to catch them.  Interesting, the one we caught and put in the flowers, Little Brother cried and went to look for him (or her) he has never even acted like he cared one way or the other and has never cried about them or went after them.

This morning Little Brother went outside to work out with Daddy before Daddy went to work and Big Brother and I took at 40 minutes to sit together and read.  We read daily; usually a couple of times a day.  However Little Brother is not as big a fan of reading and Big Brother and I are, and he doesn’t always tolerate it nicely.  So it was really nice to sit, cuddle, and read longer stories without fighting for the book, being climbed on or being screeched at.  I liked it a lot; I think as often as Daddy can take Little Brother out in the morning Big Brother and I will take that time to read.



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2 responses to “9.2.10

  1. Carolyn Bledsoe

    So proud of Theo!! Your kids are such sponges – they just soak up everything that’s in their world. Keep up the blogging – I love to read about your family.

  2. Crystal

    That is awesome that he is progressing with his speech! That is a few things he said now, right? 😀 And he is OBVIOUSLY learning, if he knew blue from red. 😉

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