This week Little Brother has started pointing to things in books.  When asked he can point to the correct object, IF HE DESIRES TO that is.  The other day he correctly pointed out the butterfly and giggles, then the snail with a big smile.  Then, momma asked where the bear was, Little Brother saw the turtle and started pointing to it and yammering excitedly.  Momma asked again, where the bear was and he gave me a look and said something to me in an annoyed tone, then turned back to the book and went back to his excited yamming about the turtle and pointed to it; taking my hand and putting it on the turtle too.  So I am fully confident he CAN identify objects upon request, as long as he doesn’t have something else on his mind at the time.  What can not happen is Momma talk him into seeking and finding the object Momma has in mind if he has something other agenda.

Today was our weekly trip to the library.  We all choose books, then Momma made some photos copies so Big Brother can practice his rhymes and so Momma can make some letter tiles (laminated) for Big Brother to manipulate.  Big Brother has been trying to spell his full name out of the alphabet set on the gun safe and being frustrated because there is only one of each of the 26 letters and he needs two of two letters to spell his full name.

Library books:

Big Brother chose:

  • Curious George: Tadpole Trouble.  This has come home before, it is NOT a George story – it is a TV episode made into a book.  I love George, but the shows to book ones are really really bad.
  • Hardworking Puppies. By Reiser
  • The Lot at the End of My Block.  By Lewis.  This has come home several times, I like it, but you have to be in the mood to read it – it is a long building rhyme.
  • Clifford’s Busy week.  Big Brother chose this, but Little Brother who is totally into Clifford right now has taken ownership of it.
  • Emily Likes to Bounce.  By King

I only looked at books with the boys, I didn’t look again after they got back in the van, so my choices were mostly random.  Looking to bring home different books than the ones we’ve brought home so many times.

Momma chose

  • Busy Bust Mouse by Kroll
  • Bubble Bath Pirates! By Krosocka
  • Clumsy Crab by Galloway

Little Brother chose:

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Gorbachev – not sure if he CHOSE it or if he randomly grabbed it.  But he chose it and ran to the check out desk with it.



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3 responses to “9.1.2010

  1. Alex

    Your boys are ADORABLE! I love the race pictures with Mama, and the one of little brother sitting on the van with his arms up melted my heart. You are one of my only AP mom friends who would casually mention a gun safe in passing. I do love my republican friends. ❤ I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who takes issue with books based on tv shows. You're the first other person I have heard make this distinction, I noticed it when I was reading your book list last night too. I feel a little less weird. 🙂

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