How did we do today??

If you have read this blog for any amount of time you understand one of the biggest focuses of our lives is our faith and our parenting; and especially the junction of the  two.

If I accomplish nothing else with my life, the men I raise will be my monument; no matter what else I might accomplish they will speak louder than anything else ever could.

I created a post not to long ago about the 5 Questions I Ask Each Night.

So let’s take a regular day, today, and grade ourselves.

Have we done something to strengthen their minds / intellect

Hummmm can I count the counting in Hide and Seek?  🙂 Really we didn’t do much, very little reading,, nothing stressful; ok we always try to avoid stress.

Sidewalk chalk of the boys names, identification of letters.  Big Brother especially can spell his nick-name (4 letters) and we are working on adding the final 4 letters to spell his entire name.  it is nice that it is only adding, not changing to go from nick-name to real full name.  That was honestly less than 5 minutes.

I am going to count looking at nuts, acorns, and looking for animal prints here too; not so academic but it doesn’t have to be strictly academic if they are thinking.

Have we done something to strength their spirit / faith / their foundation in God?

Our hike this morning was a great glimpse of God and His beauty and creation.  we saw deer prints, and Big Brother spotted a dragon print.  we made an effort to be still and listen, for all of 5 seconds. 🙂   I talked to the boys about God’s creation and the details.  Big Brother and I had an opportunity to talk about being good stewards of the land God gave us when we had to avoid the broken beer bottles; a good discussion about responsibility and behaviors that clearly show disrespect for others.

Today while we were outside i went off to the hill and sat, while the boys were playing together to pray.  Both bo ys, independently came over to me for hugs and kisses.

Little Brother opened my arms, and silently sat in my lap — facing the hill outward like I was — then closed my arms around him.

Have we done something to strengthen their bodies

This morning we took advantage of this mid-west fall day and we o n another family exploring adventures.  Big Brother doesn’t like to go hiking, so we go exploring.  🙂  Goelder woods was our destination today.  45 acres of undeveloped timber.  well somewhat developed, there are a few grills and trails.   we hiked about a mile and played a lot of hide and seek.  Today we “upped” the counting number from 16 to 20; adding some more counting practice.  Sadly we also found a lot of broken beer bottles and many unbroken ones.  The unbroken ones we picked up and removed, but it was sad to have to stop the boys climbing on rocks because of all the broken brown glass.

I think we hikes about a mile, and Big Brother walked the whole way (not always so happily, but he did it).

Have we done something to strengthen their emotional self.

Momma cuddled on the sofa and watched 2 movies with them in the heat of the day, after the hike.  we played outside, and ran the wagon down our sledding hill, that was fun.   This afternoon, last activity before getting ready for bed started, i let them play in the water.  I got them the 2 hoses from the 2 sides of the house and let them water war.  They also washed all the sidewalk chalk off the drive, and washed the wagon (that did need it).   It is my belief that family time, cuddles and play builds them emotionally.  Tonight as every night both boys fell asleep on me or by me.  Little Bother nursed to sleep on the sofa.  After Little Brother was in bed Big Brother, sofa again, put his head in my lap, wrapped his hand in my hair and dozed off peacefully as I petted his hair.  Safe and secure, without anxiety or stress.

Have we done something to strengthen our family bond(s)

All of the above?  🙂  we spent genuine time together as a family — engaged with each other and our reality.  we hiked, we prays, we cuddled.

The boys played together in a real way.

So I ask YOU: how did we do today?



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2 responses to “How did we do today??

  1. Alex

    Finally found this entry again so that I could comment on it. 🙂 I love your five questions that you ask every night, and I’m stealing them if that’s ok. It’s every important to me to have goals in parenting because it gives me a framework for my decisions and my priorities. But I always thought of it in big picture ways, not broken down in into every day. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

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