August 25th 2010

My 4 yo corrected my reading today.  Kinda.  🙂  he was showing me pictures out of his bible and I was talking about the story – I was nursing Little Brother and not actually reading the book, especially since Big Brother was flipping pages so fast.  He saw a picture of Jonah falling into the whales mouth and said something, I told him “Jonah did not obey God and tried to go the wrong way.  God created a storm and Jonah ended up in the whale”  Big Brother said “no momma it says a big fish, it doesn’t say whale”.  He was RIGHT, the text under the pictures – 2 lines – did have the phrase ‘big fish” in it and did not have “whale” in it.  Big Brother went on to say “b-b-b-big f-f-f-fish  … a b and an f.  w-w-w-whale, that starts with a w.  no w See momma”.  My boy is so smart.

This afternoon he brought me one of his bibles and asked to “read about the bad guy” I thought he wanted to read Samson and Goliath

as he like to be Samson and be strong, he said “No momma the _____ and the _______ one” I told him I am sorry I can’t understand you” he said “Let my people go” Ahhhh he was trying to say Pharaoh and the Israelites.  I asked him if that is what he meant and he said “Yes that bad king guy” I did finally get him to say Pharaoh and the Israelites clear enough I could understand it, but I am not sure anyone else would be able to.  I was so pleased; his “Bible memory” is really expanding.

Library today.  Big brother was rather random in his choices; not like he usually is.  However a mom and a little girl, maybe his age or so, were having a scene outside the door (opens into park with small set of play equipment) and I think he was somewhat unsettled by that.  Mom yelling, child crying.  So here are the books we brought home today.

Green Puppy Goes to the Dentist.  Yesssss a Blue’s Clues book.  Oy I hate TV books, but this one was not too badly written.

Doom in a Box. Superman.  A repeat visitor to our home.

Paddington Bear in the Garden. Cute, I like it.  One we have checked out several times.

The Cow that wouldn’t Come Down.  By Johnson.  Creative.

We The People the Story of Our Constitution.  By Cheney.  Off the non-fiction shelf.  I grabbed it.  Too old for the boys now, but Big brother has looked at the pictures some.

In My Back Yard.  Little brother is in love.  It is a simple counting books with great pictures of animals.  Little Brother, yes LITTLE Brother sat with me over 10 minutes in a row and turned pages and pointed and yell.  He pointed to each of the numerals.  Back and forth, back and forth though the book.  I have never seen such an interest in a book.  I was not allowed to read it, but we sat together and looked at it and talked about it.

Robin’s Room by Margaret wise Brown.  I am not sure how I feel about this book.  Odd.  Half way though you turn the book over – like upside down – then you are turning pages the wrong way for the rest of the book.  Ok, the story and art work are cute – and with out the gymnastics I’d say it vas a good book to check out, though not buy.  However, the gymnastics really needs an amazing and awesome book, and this is not.  So it is ok.  Hope he doesn’t choose it again.

What’s Alice Up to.  By Jessup.  It is written from the prospective of the dog.  Cute.

Franklin Runs Away.  Yes another TV book, but for the life on me I do not think they have seen Franklin on TV, unless maybe at Pa Pa’s house.



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3 responses to “8.25.10

  1. Carolyn Bledsoe

    Oh Aimee, I love reading your blog. So proud of you for discussing the Bible with the kids – they know more about some parts than I do!! lol The pictures of the boys are really good, too. I see you cut some hair. Charlie looks much older now. Isn’t it funny – when you are old and have long hair, then cut it, you look younger (in my opinion). But on a small child, when their hair is cut, it makes them look older. Wait a minute…. I’m sounding like the book Robin’s Room! hahahaha The boys just look so handsome. That’s all I wanted to say. Enjoy your reviews of the books – I really didn’t know you are such a book-fiend!!

    • Carolyn. I love you. I do my best. I am a total book addict, for me and the boys — ask DH next time you see him (or my dad) and ohh you will hear all about it. I doubt Big Brother knows more Bible than you. LOL More than I did at that age, that is so true. Ah but he has no verses by memory — we start that this fall. we are working on the Our Father and the Dinner Pray. I am just doing my best.

  2. wells

    I love the pictures and of course my grandsons are smart, they get it from their Mom

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