“new” books :0)

Went to the used book store in Winterset again, they are still running 50% off books.  I love that.

For fun for the boys I got:

  1. Horses a First Discovery Book.
  2. Animals in the wild.
  3. Make it Balance: Let’s Explore Science.

For Our Read-a-Loud shelf I got:

  1. Adventures Here and There.  Published in 1958
  2. My own Book of Animal Stories. Published in 1994.

For school this fall, or when we get to it, I got:

  1. What Holds My Bones Together? And other questions kids ask About How Their Bodies work.  A Scholastic book.
  2. Why Does My Nose Run?  And other questions kids ask about what Makes Them Sick & Not Sick.  A Scholastic book.
  3. My Amazing Body: Staying Healthy. A Raintree Perspective book. 
  4. My Amazing Body: Eating. A Raintree Perspective book.

I am planning a “unit” on the human body, the basics of how it works, and food and good vs bad food and the NEED for food to our body.  I am really excited to add these 4 books to the others I have been collecting some from dear friends and some from paperbackswap.com.  I continue to watch the used book store too.  Here is what I had before this great trip:

  1. Use Your Brain: a Let’s read and Find Out Science Book
  2. Eat Healthy, Feel Great.  A Sears book.
  3. You Can’t See Your Bones with Binoculars; a Guide to your 206 Bones.
  4. My Amazing Body; a First Look Book.

I am not planning anything too detailed or pushy; my main goal is start to make a connection between Big Brother’s body and food for him.  My real inspiration is to get him to eat more, and eat better; to show him “why”.  In keeping with our belief that academics should never be pushed this young (Big Brother will turn 5 in Nov this year) we won’t be doing real lessons.  I will start “stacking the stack” at book time, and momma choice will be a book or two about the body and food.  Then, as we shop or cook or eat I will start drawing on what we have read and having simple conservations.  We do that now, but Big brother doesn’t seem to have the foundation to make the connections, he needs more hooks, more exposure to the building concepts.  I will find a few crafts for us to do, and some coloring.  If Big Brother seems into it we might make a book about the body or something he can show the grandparents.

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  1. Grandma

    Sounds like fun.

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