Today something suddenly clicked for Big Brother.  He spent a long time playing with his magnetic letters.  He has played with them all along, but more in a random fashion, just like magnets and not so much like letters.  He spent longer playing with them today than I have seen him focus on one toy with the notable exception of play-doh.  It is interesting to me how he is starting to slow down and focus on things, pay attention to things.  He carefully put the letter in the “player” and listened to the Leap Frog song about each letter.  After a while he started “making words” for “momma to read”.  I was so excited.  He has never done this before.  He writes his name (4 letters, all capitals); and he dictates notes for me to write and even made a book.   He is diligent in being sure I read each word on every page of his books, including the title page, author, publisher and copyright information.  He has written notes to Daddy, but there really was no letter formation in them.  This was really the first time he “put together words” besides his name.  Now, believe me, there were not words.  He just strung letters together and kept adding them.  I dutifully sounded them out, carefully pointing to letters as I did so.  He did let me make a few words and show him how to sound them out (CVC words) and I think this is the first time he cared to pay attention to that too.   I admit it got kinda silly – long lines of letters, and being the alphabet, not enough vowels.  But, Big Brother did NOT get as goophy as he tends to when activities drag on, a little silly yes, but not to the extent that I commonly see.  I am anxious to see if his attention and intrest remains tomorrow.

Outside this evening we were doing sidewalk chalk on the driveway, I love love love sidewalk chalk.  My poor penmanship is not an issues in sidewalk chalk.  Little Brother was sitting beside me fiddling with a watering can.  I was drawing shapes.

“Look Little Brother a square” nothing

“Look Little Brother a circle” nothing

“Look little Brother Momma made a tri-angle” nothing

“Look Littler Brother a heart” – he dropped his watering can. Ran to me, hugged me, kissed me, hugged me again then bent down patted the heart and hug and kissed me again!!!

He likes to act like he doesn’t know things:  he will sometimes find his nose or head, nothing else.   He will not identify or “find” any color or shape and has like 7 useable signs.  Big Brother at this age had more signs than I could count, could “find” all his colors and name them in sign, the same for several pet and farm animals; and could find all his shapes.   I think Little Brother just like to play things closer to the vest, I think he is keeping a lot in.  Little Brother is by no means a loner or an introvert, not at all, but compared to Big Brother he is more independent and quiet in personality.  I am a tad worried to see how this trend plays out in academics; I think Little Brother may very well turn out to be a challenge, a quiet one but a challenge.  Nevertheless it was a wonderful momma moment and made my heart leap with joy.



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2 responses to “8.19.10

  1. Carolyn Bledsoe

    I can hear the excitement in your blog….

    I so enjoyed hugging and loving on Charlie at your mom’s. He is a sweetie and so affectionate. No wonder he responded to the heart shape! And kudos to Theo for recognizing the letters and attempting to make a sentence or word or whatever he was trying to do. Great progress!! And it’s all because of his awesome momma!!

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