Making a Book

A beloved library book here in our home is Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk.  Sam has visited our house many times and it is never easy to get Big brother to allow Sam to go back to the library so he can visit someone else.  I strongly reccomend Sam visit your home, even if you have to request him ILL. 

Last time we read it Big brother asked if we could make a book, like Sam does and like the kids do at the end of the book.  I told him “Monday we can do that for school” he told me “no it is for art” so for art it was.First thing this morning, making a book was what he wanted to do.  Big brother colored all the pages, and wrote his name on the cover. 

I took dictation. 

Labeling the pictures he wanted me to lable and adding text as he told me.   All I did was use his words and try to spell them correctly!

This book is loosely tied together by the theme of DINOASURS; not a lot of plot but some good pictures.  I have not included all the pictures, here, Big Brother spent a lot of time on this and it is a nice sized book. 

 We put the pages in order and stapled them together.  Big Brother put a lot of thought and effort into the book, and he seemed to have a great time.  He says he wants to make more books.


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2 responses to “Making a Book

  1. Crystal

    cute project!

  2. i wish i could get better pictures of it. All him. I vas going to do smaller pages, and i messed up and wrote too close to the edge of some of the pages. we’ll do better next time.

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