Sat Aug 7 2010

Big Brother is growing up so fast.  The Family was in the truck together and the backseat in that vehicle is closer to the front than when we are in the van allowing for more discussion.  Big Brother was talking to Daddy and I and SELF CORRECTED his grammar.  He stopped mid-statement, and repeated his statement, correcting ‘is’ to ‘are’ for a plural noun.  Daddy and I both noticed and the biggest smiles spread across both our faces.  Such a happy parenting moment.  Note I am of the opinion the better the boy’s spoken grammar is the less challenging grammar in writing will be – writing correctly will be almost natural for them if they speak correctly. 

 Big Brother and I went to the library one day recently while daddy and Little Brother had some one-n-one time.  We checked out several new books, most of Big Brother’s choosing.  Big Brother did not even look for the superhero books (insert link to blog post about superhero books).  I am glad to see Big Brother is less and less random in his selections; he is starting to take book, look at the pages, and decided if he wants it rather than just grabbing books.  There were several this trip that he considered and then returned to the shelves. 

 The books:

 All new this time!!!

 Ruby’s Falling leaves (yes, sigh, a max and ruby book, ick, come on if it has to be TV can’t it at least be Franklin the Turtle or something, we do not even allow the Max and Ruby show in our home), Big Brother picked it out, but has not brought it to me to be read yet J.

There is a Bird of Your Head.  By Williams.  This is an easy-reader type.  I let him choose it because, well I don’t really limit his choices that much – if it is in the kids section it is ok, I try to steer away from TV show books and so on, as previously discussed, but do not forbid.  This one I thought would be better.  It has a Theodor Seuss Geisel Award sticker on it.  However, it is horrible.

The Old woman who Loved to Read.  By winch.  The art work in this one is amazing.  And the unique and different animals included are great. 

A wolf at the Door.  By ward. 

Without You.  By weeks.  A poem by a baby Emperor Penguin while his momma is away.  Very sweet.  Good art too

A Day with No Crayons.  By Rusch.  This is a great book, Big Brother did not remember it from story hour, like I did but he likes it.

How do you Lift a Lion.  By wells.  A great introduction to the 3 basic simple machines.  Outside after reading this Big Brother vas trying to mimic some of the simple machines, we’ll have to get this one again.

Library Mouse.  By Kirk.  Big Brother asked “can Sam come home this time” we dearly love this book.

The Dangerous Snack and Reptile Club.  By Souci.  Big Brother has been pouring over the pictures in this book and now wants a tadpole.

That Pesky Dragon.  By Williamson.  Great book.  Very cute. 

Princess, Princess.  A re-telling of the Sleeping Beauty story with all children.  Ok.  The art work is really nice, soft.  Big Brother chose it and asked to have it read, not sure how impressed he was though.  It is ok, but not out-standing; art is much better than the writing.


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