Little Brother

July 29th

 I worry sometimes Big Brother gets more coverage in this blog due to his school related stuff, so tonight a look at my littlest cuddle bug. 

Little Brother has been saying “meowwwwww” for a couple of weeks now.   In fact we have total conservations in cat these days.  TODAY he mimicked me squeaking for a mouse AND neighing for a horse!!  I am so excited, he is really starting to mimic sounds!!!!!  🙂  🙂  🙂 

This is huge; Big Brother didn’t have this level of verbal skill at under 3. 

Little Brother is at such a cute age.  He runs to the door to meet Daddy and the joy of his face is priceless.  Tonight he CAREFULLY put down his water bottle in the middle of the floor, SQUEALED and ran to the door as soon as Big Brother let out the nightly yell of “DADDY HOME”.

He is verbalizing a lot.  No real words.  Well there is something that sounds kind of like “THAT” to the adult ear, but kind of isn’t at the same time.  However, he points and talks and talks now.  He gives a definite, and strong, shake of his head for a negative (though no nod for the positive) this alone is a bonus.  Food is so much easier.  Now he screeches at the fridge and opens it (yes opens it by himself) and I can offer “eggs” “milk” yogurt” and get definite NOs until I hit on the right one.  That is wonderful. 

He has found his nose and ears, and some times comes up to you and points at his nose and giggles, expecting a great adult reaction.  Once in a while he will even consent to show you and ear or his nose upon request but not all the time, a lot of the time, he just smiles at you like “oh you silly adult”. 

He verbalizes and seems to have discussions, he talks to toys and to himself, there are some deep discussions too.  Once in a while we get a sound of “NO” strong on the “oooo” sounds or “SSSS” or he will mimic some other word spoke to him, in tone, pitch and stress if not in actual sound.  Recently we have gotten a “BBBBTT” sound with a wave for BYE.  Still no good words save “meeooow”.  🙂

He can sign MORE and PLEASE but will only do so for something really motivational.  Once he does, he gives himself a “AHHY” afterwards, sometimes even clapping for himself, again used to a big adult reaction!  He is starting to sign water but it is much more difficult to get him to do that.   I am seeing a lot more “sign babble” as he seems to be getting the concept that he can talk that way. 

We played Bear Family this week.  This was started by Little Brother.  Yogi Bear was on TV, he was watching that as Big Brother still played play-doh. 

I walked around the sofa and found Little Brother on feet and hands, he smiles and growled at me. 

So I got down on all 4 and roared back at him.  He giggled and giggled.  Big Bother came to join us. 

We made a cave, hibernated (at instruction of Big bother) and caught fish (Big Brother again) and craw around and growled a lot. 



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4 responses to “Little Brother

  1. Auntie Roo

    Amiee, I really like your blog and I sent it to grandma, her email is Your blog keeps me in touch with what is going on with the boys, but makes me miss you all more. Hope to see you all soon. Give them both a hug and kiss for me.
    auntie Roo

    • Auntie Roo — I want the blog to keep eveyone close. i vforsee a day when the boys will be allowed to write posts, or i may set them up a password protected blog for family to see — that is a ways off but i try to keep you all in the loop. we miss you too, this summer is flying by.

      also Roo — i do requests. anything you want to hear more about, let me know and i can try to blog about it.

      This fall i want to do one of Big Brother and he ST and the Lib Director and other special people that make his life better.

  2. Carolyn Bledsoe

    Great blog! I love to read your descriptions of the kids. Priceless, simply priceless. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. My son Marc, and his two children will be here Saturday and Sunday, so maybe Monday or Tuesday would be a good time to come see your family.

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