Going to the park: A Big Brother Funny

Yesterday I took the boys to run errands and stopped at the park part of the way though. I feel bad for the kids in the car seat, drug along on my tasks so I try to at least stop at the park for them.

Both boys did a GREAT job, there were 3 other kids there and my two interacted nicely, took turns and had a great time. I was really proud of how they both looked out for the little girl, maybe 2 or a little past 2.

One of the other two boys was I’d guess Big Brother’s age (4 to 5) but a lot bigger, not taller, just bigger. We’ll call him Jack.

Jack asked Big Brother his name, Big Brother told him but I guess jack could not understand him (I think he says his name quite clearly) so Jack asked 2 more times, the final time I helped Big Brother. Then Jack asked him “what are you”, now even momma is not sure what the boy meant, but he didn’t seem mean about it. However you gotta love what Big Brother told him.

“I am a human, a boy”

With Big Bother’s speech it sounds like “ou-mon” something Jamaican 🙂  I think I am going to be sad when his speech is 100% cleared up, i like some of what he says now too much. 

We did end up having to leave because this other boy got too wound up and grabbed Little Brother.

Nothing happened. But I decided not to stay and let something happen. I set my children up to be successful, not to fail and so we left the situation before bad choices started on our part. This way I could praise them when we left, not have to get on to them.

The kids, all of them, were lining up to go down the big slide. I was sitting at the top and Jack’s Grandfather was at the bottom (the little gril was his sister and would not go down unless Gradpa was there).  The whole line made many many rotations, though the slide, back up and they were going a great job – with some prompting—of waiting their turn, sliding, getting out of the way and most challenging waiting for the last slider to move before launching themselves.   I was impressed how well they were waiting on the little girl and not rushing her too much.

After one trip down the slide Jack didn’t come right back up to the top and thus the order of the line changed because my two ran right up to the top as soon as they hit bottom. Jack came up and yelled at Big Brother for cutting in line (because the order of the 5 kids going down the slide was different) then yelled at ME “butting in line is not allowed” . I really have to question a child or 4 or 5 that will yell in an adult’s face.  My boys may get really angry but I just can’t see them doing that. Jack then grabbed Little Brother’s shirt to get him off the slide. Little Brother, I do not think, noticed. He launched himself and I let Big Brother slide one last time and told him we were leaving.

Once in the car I told both my boys what a great  job they did but that I did not like how the other child was acting and so we needed to leave. I wanted them to be able to make good choices and the best way to make good choices is to avoid peers who are making bad choices.

My boys did 35 minutes of a GREAT job.



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5 responses to “Going to the park: A Big Brother Funny

  1. Carolyn Bledsoe

    Great job, Aimee. Children should have a chance to learn how to make good choices – which, in my opinion, is what life is all about. Your sons will grow up knowing that they do NOT have to follow their peers into good OR bad situations, because they have the freedom to make their own decisions about what is appropriate for them at the time. Keep up the good work, momma!

    • Big Brother just kinda stood there when the other boy yelled at him and me, but i did not vant either of mine, Big Brother espcailly, to start “following the leader”. Ideally the boy should have had to leave, and mine got to keep playing, but at least i showed mine how to remove themselves from a situation where others are making poor choices.

  2. Pamela

    Too cute aimee! dont you jus wish you had a tape recorder sometimes? Cute! Great job leavin early. Kinda why I Left Jen’s and stopped letting my kids play ove there anymore. It sets them up or failure.


  3. Awww I want to hear Big Brother talk. He sounds too adorable!! I miss chatting with you more- you have been on my mind lately a lot, and in my heart. Summer is zooming by too fast. I was hoping we would get a chance to come visit you guys and now I can’t believe it is only 3 weeks until school starts here already!!! :/

    I think you did just the right thing. I would be really proud of them too! 🙂

    • i miss you too. i will try to e-mail you a movie (short) of him talking. I think he shounds GREAT.

      we wanted to come see you all too — but OHH MY Summer is almost over.

      3 veeks till school? a new one i hope??

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