Stanley and the Storm

Last night we had some big thunder storms here.  This made Big Brother restless in his sleep.  He is not exactly scared of storms, but he doesn’t like to be alone during them and they do tend to affect his sleep.

I put him to bed, with Little Brother at 7.  About 8 as the storms stared brewing but before they started he got up and came downstairs, and fell right back to sleep on the sofa.  Daddy and I went to bed at 9:15 and Theo woke up off the couch soon after that and I took him back to bed with his brother. 

About 10 I thought I heard him, got up and listened at the door, and there was nothing, so I went back to bed.  About 10:10 I heard him crying so I went to him.  He told me he was scared of the lightening and needed me, I said “ok where is Stanley, I bought him back to bed with you”. 

Big Brother was rather hard to hard to understand, groggy and still kind of crying.  I finally got out of him “he is on the sofa resting, he needed some rest” !!!!  I went to look and, yep, there on the sofa – downstairs alone – was the purple monkey!!! 

So as I understand it; Theo woke back up at about 10 pm and took Stanley downstairs and put him on the sofa so he could rest, went back to bed and at ten after cried for me.  I love my son and am glad to be cried for, but uhh apparently the stuffed purple monkey getting HIS rest is more important? 

Don’t bother Stanley, call mom!!!  *giggle giggle*



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3 responses to “Stanley and the Storm

  1. Frank Huot

    By little I hope you mean Scott.LOL!!!!

  2. Carolyn Bledsoe

    Aren’t kids the best ever? You just never know what they’ll come up with. What blessings they are!!

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