July 6, 2010

 Today Big brother asked for “some school work where you circle the letters”.  He sat himself at the table, pencil in hand and looked up so expectantly.  So I gave him three letter identification sheets. Basically 30 or so letters on a page and the child finds the “special letter” and circles them; in either capital or lower case. Big Brother is getting to the point I believe he is identifying all his capital letters; he also grasps the fact that all letters have both a capital and lower case. He likes the sheets, I give them to him – help him if he asks – praise him for his successes and let it go when he tires or wanders off. He grins ear to ear when he finds them.

Today at book time Big Brother brought me the dinosaur book I got him at the used book store 50% sale the week of VBS. It is a non-fiction reference book on the picture book level. Each page is a dinosaur – the name, and 2 or 3 sentences about it. Usually its size and a fun fact (what the name means or how many stories tall it would be, something like that). I have mixed feeling about the love of dinosaurs and am trying to get ready for he day he asked how they fit into the Garden of Eden, Story of Creation, Flood and so on. However, for now he seems to take them in the same way he takes Batman or Superman, and there have been no deep questions. Last time we read the book we talked about fiction vs non-fiction and what a reference books was. Today I said to him “Big Brother don’t you want a story” he said – LOVE HIM – “momma I want to keep learning” (ahhhhh doesn’t your heart melt?). So, of course, we read the book again. We practiced herbivore vs carnivore. After each dinosaur description that I read Big Brother had to yell out herbivore or carnivore.

Today Big Brother learned to count by 10’s. I do not think he “gets it” but he was able to do it. While we counted by 10’s he supplied 30 and 40 all by himself. He was able to show daddy 10 to 40 all by himself tonight too.   Daddy and Big Brother practiced some basic addition math facts before bed and had fun jumping up and down when they got them right. 

After looking at a list of some of the books we read today, and the past few days.  Momma has really got to get some new variety in there.  Maybe tomorrow we will sort / clean up the bookshelves in the living room and thus “turn up” some neglected books.  🙂

Selections from today’s Read-a-loud list:

Marvin K. Mooney will You Please Go. By Seuss. 1972

Put me in the Zoo. By Lopshire. An I Can Read It all By Myself book. 1960

Curious George and the Seasons (a board book)

Grandma, Grandpa and Me. Mercer Mayer

No More Diapers For Ducky. Ford and William

Animals should Definitely NOT Act Like People. Barrett. 1980

Today I Feel Silly by Curtis.

Incredible Dinosaurs to Look at. Landoll. 1993.


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  1. Crystal

    🙂 Cute post. I love to hear about kids love for learning!

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