Please Tell Me My Children will Remember These Days

Some times you have a really good momma day, a day when you just feel like you did it right (or mostly right). 

Both boys had speech this morning, an hour for Big Brother and 45 minutes for Little Brother.  This meant rare one-on-one time for each boy with momma while the other was in group.  Big brother had “speech camp” an hour of “extended school year” for speech.  3 adults and 4 kids (I think they are all boys).  They play, do a little art and have a snack all the time practicing their speech skills.  Little Brother had Early Intervention Playgroup – one little girl in his group.  Little Brother is there for speech only.

While Big Brother had camp Little Brother and I ran a couple of errands and spend a lot of time talking and hugging.  Little has this way of taking your face in his hands, and staring right into your eyes; he could he the sole reason for global warming when he does that.  Then he smiles, tilts his head and kisses you and GRINS ear to ear.  We have a lady killer on our hands already; and I used to think Big Brother was a flirt.  We talked as we moseyed around a store, him pointing then hugging me, then pointing at other stuff before pulling me in to kiss me.  As soon as the door to the classroom opened, for Big Brother’s group to end, Little Brother sprinted into the room eager to have his turn.  He didn’t even look for me; I slipped out with Big Brother and was the only parent not to stay in playgroup.  Little Brother separates from me in a way his older brother never could have at that age; but he is all about doing anything and everything he sees his Big Brother do.

Big Brother and I played on the pre-school playground since I felt I should stay closer for Little Brother’s group.  We played “The Three Little Pigs” till I thought my mind would turn to mush, but time and time and time as Big Brother asked, I agreed happily playing out which ever role I was assigned.   I recited my lines with feeling at least 25 times.  Big brother carefully chanted out either “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down” or “not by the hairs on my chinny chin-chin” like he was deep in a struggle of good vs evil.  Big Brother carefully explained to me, each time I was unable to blow the playhouse down that “this is the brick house, momma I am the 3rd little piggy”.  He squealed with glee as the Big Bad wolf snuck around and reached in to grab him from different doors and windows.  We ended the time with a red faced, sweaty little boy who was tired but happy.

This afternoon at home we made a stack of book and Little Brother nursed happily for 45 minutes while I read.  Big Brother got to pick all the books, and snuggled in close and attended each word; shouting out the missing rhymes in a favorite Seuss book.  Momma learned that Bats are the only mammals that can fly.  Big Bother loves bats.  We also learned that bat’s have babies that are 25% of their mother’s weight at birth!!!  For me that would have been a 25 pound baby.  Big Brother didn’t make that mark till almost 3 and even my little chunk child, Little Brother, was over 18 months.

We blew up the frog wading pool and played in the oh so cold water.  They ran and jumped in to the pool.  They were fish.  I even let them throw water at me out of Tupperware bowls.  We ran around the yard and I squealed nicely each time they got him.  Big Brother told me “the running bounces my water out” and I told him “that is the idea”.  Momma ended up all wet despite the running.  Little Brother giggled and giggled each time he managed to dump any water on my feet; Big Brother yelled gleefully “I GOT YOU” each time he managed to earn a squeal from me.

Nothing out of the ordinary, just routine days.  I sure hope the boys remember these days. 

The Read-a-louds Big Brother chose for today:

 Fun with Shapes.  A Golden Share Book that was mine when I was little.

Dog Faced Bats.  A Checkerboard Animal Library Book.  A low reading level, this was bought at a library book sale.

Put Me In the Zoo.  By Lopshire.  An I Can Read It All By Myself Book.  I had it when I was little.

The Ginghames: the Backwards Picnic.  A Little Golden Book.  Mine when I was little.  I looked on the ‘Net for a link to  this book, but I can’t find it.  I’ll look again.   I have actually discovered there is no master list of the 11,000 or so Golden Books out there.  I found this but even I have 2 that are not on this list (2 of mine, from childhood, that are here for the boys).

How Much is a Million.  By Schwartz.

Today I feel Silly.  By Curtis

Please Try to Remember the First of Octember.  By Seuss

On Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  By (of course) Seuss


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