June 8 2010 Thinking about reading

Not reading as in “teaching Big Brother to read” but reading as in the “the reading shared as a family”.

I am excited for the day Big brother decided he wants to learn to read all on his own — but i am also happy to wait and not rush childhood past us.   I reassure him Momma and Daddy will not stop reading TO him when he does decide to read, and leave it at that.  The days of childhood are too short as it is. 

As a testimony to the importance of childhood, and the childhood pleasure of hearing momma (and daddy) read I strive to make sure I am sharing good books with the family, books worth the time. 

The books maybe simple, but are a story not just a phonics reader.  Many of the books are becoming more complex.  I love to watch our family collection grow, to see the books themselves aging, along with my boys. 

I seek books that offer something of value to our family.  Books that inspire, books that bring along a good giggle and a happy chat along refrain.  Books that create joy, or plant the seeds of wonder.

Also, as anyone that knows me knows I love a good list, I finding then, I love making them, and I looove crossing things off them.  Another thing anyone who knows me knows is the only better than a LIST if a BINDER.  So to that end I have started a LITERACRY BINDER. 

Eventually this binder will be the home of both boy’s reading logs, as well as a long of family read a-louds; each log complete with reflections on the books read.  For starters I am filling the binder with lists of good books; lists where I am — of course — crossing off the books our family has, or has read.   I appreciate these compellation lists, most created by mommas with a lot more years experience than myself.  Many of these books are ones I might not have encountered otherwise; not being on the shelves in our small library and certainly not being featured products in books stores or on book selling websites.

In searching my homeschooling and Classical Education resources I have found the following book lists:

and I have now combined them in to a “master list” on a word document.  I combined them, put them in alphabetical order. The list is about 18 pages long, that is however double space for easier reading.  I have gone though and marked the ones we own (51, some of them mine from my childhood) and ones we have read but do not own (6), and noted a few that I especially want to add to our family collection 🙂 (come on, this is me, that can’t be a surprise).

I have two more lists to add to my Master List. 

AMBLESIDE YEAR  0 yahoo group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AmbleSide_Year0/?yguid=190834558)


Christian Classical Education / 1000 Great Books / Primary list (1 to 3) http://www.classical-homeschooling.org/celoop/1000-primary.html

After I get the mast List complete and cleaned up I will post it here, or at least a link to it so that other’s can see it.  No reason for anyone else to go to the same effort after I have done it.

I am also going to retrun to my habit of logging, here, our daily read-a-louds.  This allows me an easy location to look back and see which books the boys retrun to again and again and what books i should make more of an effort to add into the rotation:

Read-A-Louds June 8:

Breastmilk Makes My Tummy Yummy:  board book.  An old favorite.

Yogi Bear and the baby Skunk: this book is from my childhood, and looks it.  It keeps holding up, Big Brother loves this one.  Sorry i can not find a link of this book to share.  It is from 1976.

The Adventrues of Jonny and Jill:  Also from my childhood, also beloved of Big Brother.  I have taped several of the pages back in.   Sadly I can’t find a link for this one either.  (ok i am feeling old …)

Huckleberry Hound and the Big Blooming Rosebush:  Also from my childhood.  🙂

The Golden Easter Egg:  An Easter gift from a dear Auntie in China, it missed the Easter box and is still being read and read. 

IF: a father’s Advice to His Son.  One of my all time favorite poems (I am not big into poetry), it is by Kipling.  I am not so fond of the sports photos in this book, nor the broken style — but I do love this poem.


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