Butterfly art (3.12.10)

here is the project

A dear sweet buddy, this morning, e-mailed me a new project idea.   I wanted to do art today but was not up to getting out the paint so we jumped right in.  I am really kinda proud of myself for how often i get the boys a project.  I need to REALLY improve in letting them do it, no matter what it looks like, rather than pushing it towards one end outcome.  I also need to give them more time for the process.   However I am improving. 

What we did:

We started with different colors of paper, sandwich bags and pipe cleaners.

Little Brother didn’t try to tear the paper, but he DID really want to climb on the table and get my computer where I had the example photo up for Big Brother to see.

We tore the paper into little pieces (Good for Big Brother’s fine motor control).  I should have given him a lot more time for this.


we made piles of the different colors.

then we stuffed the sandwich bags.

Then used the pipe cleaners to separate the wings and make the antenna. (Big Brother called them “ears”)

and — there you have it butterflies:

Then we hung them from the ceiling.


What we learned / ideas for next time:

1.  I want to do it again with tissue paper that has been crunched up.  that would let the light glow through the butterflies, and also would give them “fatness” and “puffy softness”.

2 I want to go this with bigger bag (and something puffy) to make one or two BIG butterflies.


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4 responses to “Butterfly art (3.12.10)

  1. That is great! I love how you are encouraging him to use his motor skills. Do you have any kitchen tongs? You should get a pair or two at the dollar store, etc. and have him use them to pick things up with. (We used the ones that look like scissors on the handle end, with the loops, I think they are for corn cobs.) Goose also liked clipping clothespins onto things. Chopsticks might be fun too, even if you hold one in each hand and try to pick things up. Does he play with legos? They always had those for manipulatives in the preschool (I taught 2 yr olds, so we had bigger things, but those bristle blocks and waffle blocks are fun too.)

    I’ll keep thinking!

    I saw a butterfly made in a similar way the other day and I want to do one for Goose’s lunch. You fill the back with snacks, then split it down the middle the same way, only you clip it with a clothespin that you have decorated with paint, marker, things glued on, whatever. The black pipecleaner kind of gets wound under the spring of the pipecleaner for the antennae.

    I love the hanging them from the ceiling idea! I’m still trying to think of a good St Patrick’s Day thing for the girls since we can’t do food coloring, etc. I have been really slack lately with crafts.

  2. the puff paint eggs i did was actually a St pat’s activity. the orginal blog did it with no finger paint and then put glitter on it. I refused to have glitter in my house so i did the washable crayola finger paint — which i don’t know if i had to get rid of or not due to afrtifcal colors and so on.

    you could do something like that.

  3. Pamela Pour

    How fun! See I need to do more things that require less supplies and less mess! I think if I had any suggestions at all it would be to get the old fashioned sandwich bags, or those open platic bags that do not close … IE not the zipper type. And of course you know me – I’d be purple, orange and yellow. or something like that.

    Glad to see you getting the kids involved so often in projects. I dont do it enough with child #2! Although I absolutely hate glitter, I do have to admit we use it often. the kids love it and the end result is fun! In fact we are doing some teacher appreciation day art pieces today and glue and glitter will be the main supplies!

    • I had not pre-planned today so it was what we had, i need some with out writting on them and the zipper locks. 🙂

      Glitter is not allowed in this house. LOL thus the puff art we did at the first of the week

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