Lent Day 21 (3.11.2010)

Last night Big Brother and I were playing batman and Robin with the Batcave he got from Santa. 

Note that the Batcave was the ONE thing he asked Santa for.  He planned it for weeks.  he took the catalog in with him, and could not speak to Santa at all but showed him the page in the catalog — a by then well-worn page 🙂 he had need staring at it since Thanksgiving with Pa Pa gave him the catalog it was in.  So Momma and Daddy had to make sure Santa brought that one thing he asked for, 3 store to make sure Santa did so. 

So last night we are playing with Batman and Robin.  Big Brother decides it is time for them to go to bed.  He has them hold hands and say “thank you Jesus for our Batcave, Amen and Good Night”  Awwwwwwww my heart melted.  I guess he is learning something.  🙂

We had Big Brother’s IEP meeting today.  Miss E the SLP, Miss M the coordinating teacher and Miss C the case manager / social worker have been working with Big Brother since he was 20 months old and are now working with Little Brother.  The building principal and the pre-school teacher were also there. 

We went over where he stand now. 

  1. His math skills are well beyond his age peers.   He can ID all his numeral from 0 to 10 and also link them to the correct set of items and he can creat sets when asked (“hand me 5 of that” or or “make a pile of 4 here and a pile of 7 there”).  Also more and less and the basics of addition and subtraction (concept if not accurate answers). This is his DADDY 🙂
  2. His literacy .. such as IDing all his letters, match letters with sounds, and matching words that start with the same sound or rhyme however is not as strong.  Now a big part of this MAYBE be that he can’t actually hear / understand the sounds he is supposed to be matching.  when he says “bat” and “cat” they don’t “click” to him as rhyming.  They also suspect there may be some level of autorty processing “failure” that is that he is not really discrimination what he hears– thus making it hard for him to play “sound games” — a;; these start with / these rhyme.  here he scored well below his age peers (age peers in the fall, much less now)
  3. he also did not met his age peers level in “naming pictures” in a certain time.  This they attributed to focus and feel will improve with maturity as his vocabulary is beyond that of his age peers. 
  4. in general his dropping of or confusing beginning sounds in words puts him at or over 2 years behind his peers in expressive speech ability.  educators would expect most of his peers to be 90 to 95% clear and “understandable to a stranger” SLP is putting Big Brother at maybe 45 % and based on his recent conservation with distant family members, it may be lower. 

and the plan for next year:

  1. He will go to summer session for speech but not “literacy”.  4 sessions over the summer, one hour each — 3 adults and 5 or 6 kids.
  2. he will see the SLP 2x a week from now till the end of the school year
  3. he will see the pre-school teacher one:one 2x a month the rest of the school year
  4. he will see the SLP 2x a week all school year next year
  5. he will see the preschool teacher one:one 2x a month till his next quarterly assessment to see how he is doing and determine if we all feel he needs to go to 1x a week or not.  (I doubt it)
  6. For speech we are going to try Auditory feed back — to focuse on him HEARING what he is actually saying not just the mind in his head that he is meaning to say


  1. I am going to make a list of phrases for him that the SLP can work on.  The biggest issue now if that he doesn’t generalize.  he can make a sound (not all but a lot of them) in isolation, but not in a word and certainly not in a sentence.  also the longer he talks the more he “mushes” and not only doesn’t make correct sound the but also just mummers and slurs speech with NO distinct sounds at all.
  2. we are going to work on auditory feedback — so he hears what he IS saying and not jsut what his head thinks he is saying.  We are going to work on this at home also. 
  3. the SLP gave me the names of some CDs that have kids songs, typical ones, only sung slooowly to stress each word.
  4. I am going to make him some matching / rhyme word games to play here at home.
  5. here at home we are going to push a bit more phonics — letters and the sound they match

Today Day’s Read-A-Louds:

Diego’s Safari Rescue.  library Book.  Ughhh this this is horrid.  Bad bad bad.  I do not like the show and no long let the boys watch it, but a bad TV show made into a bad poorly written books is blechhhhhhhhh. 

The library Mouse.  Libary book.  🙂  We love this one, see yesterday’s blog post.

Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook.  library book.  We looove this one too, again see yesterday’s blog post.  I want to look for the other 2 in the series.

Look Out Mouse.  Libary book.  GREAT ART.  very complex, lots of detail. 

and, of course …..

Tiger Can’t Sleep.  3x today.


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