PUFF art 3.10.2010

I saw this blog post http://jessekatedesigns.blogspot.com/2009/03/st-patricks-day-fun-day-2-puffy.html and had to try it with my boys.  It turned out to be a great sensory activity.   The orginal idea uses glitter, well we don’t do glitter.  Glitter is not allowed in this house.  So we ad-libed it a bit.

I see this art project showing up at a playdate or two.  Already have a plan for this summer …

What we did:

I cut egg shapes out of paper before we started and covered the table with paper.  In retrospect I did not need to cover the table, this art cleaned up easier than a lot of others we have done. (shaveing cream is great for cleaning plastic top tables as it is — like in a school or daycare or church fellowship hall — that kind of table…it will wash off maker and everthing adn is fun — tile floor required)

We used plastic spoons, I was sad to see I did not have any plast bowls left from my birthday party so I used “sandwich” sized tupperware that I am not attached to, if they wash up great, if not, no loss. 

We mixed white school glue and plain shaving foam.  You are supposed to use the same amount of  each, I am here to tell you it is tough to tell if you are or not.  So we will see how the end eggs turn out.

I added a dab of finger paint for color (that is not in the original blog idea I was working from, as they put glitter on theirs and we do NOT do glitter). 

—note: later as i edit this, i can tell you that they dry darker than they are wet —-

The just stir and apply!! 

We started out with the boys using the spoons to apply the foam to the paper.  but we progressed to momma putting big daloup of the foam in the egg for them and they used their hands to “spread out the foam”.   

For a while Momma put the form out for them then they used the spoon to spread it — and actually Little Brother did better with this than Big Brother.  Finally we got to Momma putting out foam and the boys useing their hands to paint with it.  We had to work though Big Brother wanting to spread it out totally and not leave any puff.  

It was good for them, they enjoyed it and it was a cool finger painting project for them.  Big Brother needed the “path” from spoon to hands before he’d dive in with his hands.  Little brother never did go all out with his hands like Big Brother did. 

So now the eggs are drying.  We took a tubbie.  Big Brother reports we should do it again and he likes to mix the colors. 

 We have a bit of a swirl effect on some of the eggs (there are more than I show here) and I hope that the swirl is still visiable when they dry.  I want to try this again and try for more color change effect .. i will mix the glue and foam first them add in the color for more sqirl — i hope — this time i added all three to the bowl at the time so i had to mix the color in fairly “even” to get the glue and foam mixed. 

Things I learned / Ideas for improvement

1.  use poster board or something more study than paper.  it got really flimsy with the foam on it

2.  I need to get better at taking photos to show our process.  🙂

3. next time i will mix the glue and foam base then add the color so i do not have to stir the color all the way in if i do not want.



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8 responses to “PUFF art 3.10.2010

  1. Catherine

    Too cute! You are brave, Aimee….the words “children” and “shaving cream” usually do not appear in the same discussion with postive comments to follow 😉

    • when i worked at day c are (and when i was at the shelter) we used to cover tables in shaving cream and let the little kids “paint” it is a great way to clean plastic top tables like in day cares and schools — gets off markers and everything. (tile floor required).

      I want to do this — on full poster board — this summer with all the Curious Geroge Crew.

  2. Crystal

    oooh that looks like fun!

  3. Awesome Aimee, the Super Mom! My home-school heroine!

    Don’t think my scented goat milk shaving butters will work for this! Hahaha! Since I refuse to buy Rob shaving cream anymore (because I know he’ll revert to his old Barbasol bad habit) I will have to alter this project greatly sometime and share my changes when we go there.

    Meanwhile I am busy keeping the kids busy after a week of them being home sick from school with a virus and thus I have to “home-school” them both so they can keep up with their classes, especially Charlie, who’s always in danger of falling behind anyway.

    Today we have learned about dinosaurs on the internet and watched a Discovery Channel program about T-Rex. (Henry is very into dinosaurs right now.) We had a picnic lunch on the kitchen floor and the kids helped in making the meal (working on math skills via cooking.) We practiced our alphabet/writing and turn taking with a dry erase book. Henry helped me make the filling for “Shark Balls” (these are actually rice balls with pumpkin puree and salmon… Shhhhhhhh!) Adapted the recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks, Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld and we cooked a few to test the recipe out… I had left out the cheese because I don’t have a grater, but think I need to add it anyway as a binder after I cooked 1/2 dozen balls. The rest of the filling is in the fridge for supper tonight and I will make up the extras and then freeze them on cookie sheets and put them in zipper bags for another day. I had Charlie go watch one of his current favorite movies while we were working on this so I could “hide the salmon”(The Emperor’s New Groove… we bought a real live a llama 2 weeks ago to protect our goats and he’s enamored with them, so “the Llama movie” is big right now). Oddly, his other favorite movie right now is Grumpier Old Men (aka The Fishing Movie at our house… I guess I’ll have to get myself a fishing license and him a pole for his birthday this summer, since Rob hates fishing and dubbed me “the fisher-person” of the family back when we were dating and he was still being allowed to see his step-son Michael from his previous marriage.) We watched this film Friday night on the couch because we thought the kids would be bored and go to sleep on us, so we could then spend mommy-daddy time with each other… but Charlie LOVES IT! Kind of back-fired on us. But it is kind of funny and Walter Matthau was so good at playing the old crumudgen! Loved him in “Dennis the Menace”.

    Next we are going to go read aloud, several chapters from The Wizard of Oz, put away laundry and move a baby goat back to the barn (Phoebe has been living with us for a couple weeks in a dog crate in the house, since she almost died because her goat-mommy didn’t have enough milk. Time for her to go back to the barn as she’s getting more difficult to clean up after now and getting too spoiled.) She will be installed in a cozy stall in the barn and we will take Dottie off of Truffles (she will still have the son from her set of twins) and bottle raise Dottie so Phoebe has a buddy to teach her how to be a goat and keep her company.

    After that, hopefully Henry will go down for a nap and Charlie and I will wash the dishes (live skills), then make a dessert (again with cooking = math… they are already working on fractions at school… in KINDERGARTEN… unbeleiveable) and work on our gardening = science project from last week. The lettuce seeds are sprouting, as is the basil. We are making an Alphabet Garden Journal and he gets to draw pictures of the seedlings.

    (This is an easy project. Take a notebook w/ to your local store’s gardening dept. make a list of plants for each letter of the alphabet. Buy several seed starting trays, soil, some seeds (stuff you don’t mind eating yourself, so you can set a good example for the kiddos.) You will also need 26 sheets of white copy paper for each child and a stapler, pencils, marker and or crayons. If the kids are too young to draw, you can cut up gardening catalogs you get in the mail and nursery advertisements and do cut and paste instead. Write a letter on each page and a statement like “Asparagus starts with the letter “A” and so on. For some of the difficult letters you can use a variety name if need be. Kids enjoy the planting and “dirt” part of it and also the drawing…and if they grow it, this is an easier way to get them to try foods they normally don’t want to eat like vegetables. They learn about growing their own food, healthful eating, art, science and about “farmers” and “farming” and where food comes from and the alphabet. This can be an on-going daily project, doing 1 or 2 letters per day and it has lots of room to take it further as the kids get older each year. You can try measuring & graphing the plant’s growth or days to germination for different kinds of seeds. Later on when the plants produce fruits/veg. they can help cook them or even try selling them at a local “farmer’s market” as a micro-business (great for 4th grade through Jr. high kids) and learn about accounting, bank accounts and savings.) AND IT”S GREAT FUN TOO!

    • I keep cheap shaving cream in my art closet — it is a good sensory thing — and cleans up so easy.. just hide it from hubby!!!

      Can’t wait to see how you change it and try your vesion too

  4. Fun!! We have used shaving cream with fabric paint swirled into it in a big shallow roasting pan, then dip t-shirt in and kind of scrape the foam off. Paper works too. The marble-swirl does stay and looks really neat.

    I love the pics of the boys!! I wish Lil Pea had half the hair your boys have!

    • Would that be a good way to do shirts? I want the kids to be able to make tee-shirts this summer with some buddies (we call the group the Curious Geroge group — a buddy has 9 kids, a girl 6 months older than Big brother and then twons who are now 6 months so roughly 6 months younger than Little Brother — her other kids are older). I thought we could do shirts as our first real outdoor activite and have them for the summer. Put SUMMER of 2010 on them somehow —

      I want them to be able to do the shirts themselves (mostly LOL) but i do not want to do tie-dye it is soooooooo much work.

      would this work? what did you do later — dry them in the sun, wash them … tell me more

  5. Our dog Kacy enjoyed my recipe tweaking too. Using canned salmon, I peeled out the skin and removed the larger bones. Since the fish is “pressure cooked” the bones are very safe for the dog and she got them as a special treat since she is pregnant (Oops, She did it again! Or rather bad timing of the kids getting home from school at the same time as the UPS guy bring a package, while Cowboy was outside peeing and Kacy was out of her crate eating… kids let Cowboy in the house and the UPS guy won’t just leave the box at the gate where I could get it later… the deed was done already by the time I got to the house 2 minutes later) and calcium is a major concern for her, after almost losing her with her last litter.

    She very much enjoyed that special treat, and I discovered another way to get kids to eat Omega 3’s… generally it’s much easier to get them in the family dog than the kids!

    In tragic news though. Kacy’s 6 month old daughter, Hermione, passed away yesterday in a traffic accident. And her litter-mate sisters are grieving the lost, especially Kindlelyn who witnessed the death of her big sister. The kids let the 2 red tri-color pups out without my knowledge when I ran down to the barn to check on a young mama goat named Mae that could birth her baby anytime now. Being a herding dog… Hermione was bad about chasing cars when not supervised. Very sad, she was the sweetest little girl pup.

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