Lent 2010 Day 14 (3.3.10)

We started our day with errands.  🙂  We took the recycleing and then went to the Libary, then off to the store.  The boys did great.  Big Brother asked Miss Annette the Libary Direcotr for the book he wanted and Little Brother just ran around looking for the candy dish she hid when she saw us come in.  I then picked out a number of books for them, if i didn’t we’d get the same 4 books (ok maybe 5) over adn over and over.  I let them choose to check out, over and over, books they want.  However i always make sure i go though the shelves and look for new books too.  The boys did really well at the store too.

At the libarey I got my ILL book :  How to get Your Child Off the Refrigerator and on to Learning.  I am in looove.  it is a short book, i hate short books.  I am only 2 chapters in so far but it is very encouraging.


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