Lent 2010 Day 9 (2.26.10)

LITTLE BROTHER CALLED ME MUM-MUM TODAY.  First time ever.  I am so excited.  There are not words for this.  THNAK YOU GOD, I am so blessed.

Today is 20 years of service for hubby at his job.  So the boys and I made him a card then took him a cheesecake to share at work.  It was a surprise for him.  The boys got a big wild in the office, the file cabinet make a nice running circle.  But they both did great walking in, we had to park on the street, cross a busy street downtown and go though security at the front door of the building.  As wild as they were in the office itself they were very cooperative and calm walking in and out — which was the more dangerous time anyway.

I/We got the boys each a new Bible for Easter.  I actually bought them for Christmas Eve (when we read the Christmas Story in Luke before bed) but they were too wound up, so i saved them.   I am feeling Big Brother is ready to move up in his “level” of Bible stories we read.  We cover so many pages each day, that i am feeling his might be ready to go a big deeper or a bit more detailed in what we read.  Little Brother has already head the whole Bigginers Bible at least 3 times himself too.  We will keep it around, of course, and keep reading it too.  But i would like to move them “up” a bit in complexity.  Here are the two i chose for them:

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name


The Big Picture Story Bible

I have stuck to my “no non-water or milk drinks” devotion of Lent.  It is still a struggle for me, which i guess says i picked something to give us that was a “good choice” as it is a constant reminder to me of what i am doing.  The caffee headaches are gone, maybe i am having a lot of headaches, and i normally don’t.  So I am not sure if that is the lack of caffeine or means nothing. 

thinking about school related issues for Big Brother.  While he is so young and i have no intention of pushing him, I am concerned he can only ID 13 of the 26 letters.  So i am going to make use of my new lanator i got for Christmas (YEAH!!) and make some simple flash card for us, all 26 capitals and all 26 lowercase letters.  We will just mainly work on IDing them and also their sounds for now.  No push to write or anything.  I jsut feel kinda off that a 4 yo can’t ID all his letters.

We are gearing,  up to do some big diet changes around here.  Right now we are living by attrition and just not buying more of things we want out of our diet, and Big Brother’s diet.  But soon as I get some more research done i will be doing a big upheaval.  it is going to be a real challenge for us.  Big Brother is so self-limiting in his eating as it is and we are so rural that shopping is a chore at best much less looking for specific items and so on … But we really want to see if this can make a difference in Big brother’s silliness, his moodiness, his emotional state, his attention, his general maturity. 

Today’s Read-A-Louds:

Curirous Geroge Goes Camping. LIBARY BOOK. 

The begginers Bible.  Luke 1:26 (Gaberial visits Mary) to Matt 9:26 (the story of the two miricals and Jairus’ daughter being healed after death) 74 pages. 

Too Many Books by Bauer.  LIBARY BOOK

Animal Hide and Seek. Non-fiction on animals and canafloge.  LIBARY BOOK

The Berenstain Bears get the Gimmies.  LIBARY BOOK.  But one we should add to our collection. 

Digger Man.

When I Grow Up. By Mercer mayer LIBARY BOOK. 

The Three Little Jayhawks by Don Fambrough (a retelling of the three little pigs written by an old football coach from KU)

Several selection from The Llama Who had no Pajamas.  A books of poetry.  I loooove this book of Poems.  every animal you can think of (temite and tapair incuded) is in here.

The Best Place To Read LIBARY BOOK. 



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