Lent 2010 Day 4 (2.20.10)

Today was Lent day 4, and also Saturday and the day of my birthday party.  Saturday 2.20.10

Daddy read Big Brother’s Bible with him today.  And despite having soda at the party I stuck to water.  We are on track here.

Winter here is kicking our collective butts, we are worn down and DONE.  Yesterday we got 10 new inches of snow (ok only 8 maybe, who knows at this point).

 Today Hubby had to plow the drive again and we are frankly out of places to PUT the snow taken off the drive.  We have walls of snow basically along the drive.  Today he broke a hole in the wall to have room to move the snow.  Also …  today till Monday is supposed to keep snowing. by Sunday night they are predicting 6 to 7 new inches.   Snow all Sunday night and Monday night too, no amounts predicted. AND wind over 25 MPH on Sunday, Sunday night and Monday. I welcome a visit from Al Gore — if he can get up the road, we will not be digging him out or towing him out we have done both enough this year. 

Last night, my actual birthday, I got to open my gift from Hubby and the boys and I have to share how touching it was to me.  I felt the love of God and my family.  The gift really met a need for me.

Here is the story:

While Hubby was in GA for 2.5 weeks at the end of Jan and start of Feb i did a ton of reading, and praying, and research on Big Brother’s stuff.  I finally decided to approach Hubby about the diet changes and I also made appt for him to have more assessment with the school and also privately.

Well I also was reading faith stuff and read about how Saints become Saints, (not NFL Players) and I read a lot about St Monica the Patron of Mother’s with difficult children. She was mother of St Augustine who was quite the party boy rebell before his conversion.

Well I was thinking — i wonder if she is supposed to be a mental support for moms with children with challenges like my child, or if she is to support moms with just kids who are a challenge (the good time trouble maker).

While Hubby was in GA he went to a little store in FL and bought my birthday gift.


how is that for cool.

he told the lady at the little mom and pop store he needed a gift for a mom, his wife, from her little boys .. she said “we have one thing that might be perfect but it is for moms of difficult children” Hubby said BINGO 🙂

I feel very solid in this.  I love Big Brother more than I love life.  I am 100% dedicated to ANYTHING I need to do for him or with him.  But this is —  in my mind — confirmation God sees our struggles and confirmation that Big Brother does have challenges beyond his average age peer and confirmation of my personal struggles.  Confirmation both from Hubby and God of the support i need.  Very special to me.


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