Lent 2010 Day 3 (2.19.10)

Today is the 3rd day of Lent 2010 and MY BIRTHDAY!

Last night I printed off some birthday themes coloring sheets for the boys to have today (and tomorrow at the small party).  Later I will color with the boys — working on Big Brother holding the crayon correctly — and we will put them up around the house as decorations.  We are having a small party tomorrow because Big Brother was concerned there was not going to be anyone here to say “happy birthday” to me and to eat cake with me.  Isn’t he sweet?

While Little Brother took a rare rare nap Big Brother and I stole a few moments for some “school”  🙂  We read a book about sea creatures and Big Brother decided to play at being a puffer fish, the blow up / puff up when afraid or startled.  So he would point to the “normal one” and say “I am that fish” and swim around me on the carpet, then throw his arms up and “be” the puffed fish with “spines all over me momma”.  He learned the concept pretty well and had fun being a fish for a long time.  We talked about the fish puffing up to protect itself from bigger fish or “scary fish” and he kept telling me to be a different colored fish.  It was fun.

OHHHHHHHH and I got MORE SNOW for my birthday — snow, snow, snow, snow ALL DAY …it has been so long since we saw snow, what a surprise.  LOL


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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday! 🙂

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