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Lent 2010 Day 9 (2.26.10)

LITTLE BROTHER CALLED ME MUM-MUM TODAY.  First time ever.  I am so excited.  There are not words for this.  THNAK YOU GOD, I am so blessed.

Today is 20 years of service for hubby at his job.  So the boys and I made him a card then took him a cheesecake to share at work.  It was a surprise for him.  The boys got a big wild in the office, the file cabinet make a nice running circle.  But they both did great walking in, we had to park on the street, cross a busy street downtown and go though security at the front door of the building.  As wild as they were in the office itself they were very cooperative and calm walking in and out — which was the more dangerous time anyway.

I/We got the boys each a new Bible for Easter.  I actually bought them for Christmas Eve (when we read the Christmas Story in Luke before bed) but they were too wound up, so i saved them.   I am feeling Big Brother is ready to move up in his “level” of Bible stories we read.  We cover so many pages each day, that i am feeling his might be ready to go a big deeper or a bit more detailed in what we read.  Little Brother has already head the whole Bigginers Bible at least 3 times himself too.  We will keep it around, of course, and keep reading it too.  But i would like to move them “up” a bit in complexity.  Here are the two i chose for them:

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name


The Big Picture Story Bible

I have stuck to my “no non-water or milk drinks” devotion of Lent.  It is still a struggle for me, which i guess says i picked something to give us that was a “good choice” as it is a constant reminder to me of what i am doing.  The caffee headaches are gone, maybe i am having a lot of headaches, and i normally don’t.  So I am not sure if that is the lack of caffeine or means nothing. 

thinking about school related issues for Big Brother.  While he is so young and i have no intention of pushing him, I am concerned he can only ID 13 of the 26 letters.  So i am going to make use of my new lanator i got for Christmas (YEAH!!) and make some simple flash card for us, all 26 capitals and all 26 lowercase letters.  We will just mainly work on IDing them and also their sounds for now.  No push to write or anything.  I jsut feel kinda off that a 4 yo can’t ID all his letters.

We are gearing,  up to do some big diet changes around here.  Right now we are living by attrition and just not buying more of things we want out of our diet, and Big Brother’s diet.  But soon as I get some more research done i will be doing a big upheaval.  it is going to be a real challenge for us.  Big Brother is so self-limiting in his eating as it is and we are so rural that shopping is a chore at best much less looking for specific items and so on … But we really want to see if this can make a difference in Big brother’s silliness, his moodiness, his emotional state, his attention, his general maturity. 

Today’s Read-A-Louds:

Curirous Geroge Goes Camping. LIBARY BOOK. 

The begginers Bible.  Luke 1:26 (Gaberial visits Mary) to Matt 9:26 (the story of the two miricals and Jairus’ daughter being healed after death) 74 pages. 

Too Many Books by Bauer.  LIBARY BOOK

Animal Hide and Seek. Non-fiction on animals and canafloge.  LIBARY BOOK

The Berenstain Bears get the Gimmies.  LIBARY BOOK.  But one we should add to our collection. 

Digger Man.

When I Grow Up. By Mercer mayer LIBARY BOOK. 

The Three Little Jayhawks by Don Fambrough (a retelling of the three little pigs written by an old football coach from KU)

Several selection from The Llama Who had no Pajamas.  A books of poetry.  I loooove this book of Poems.  every animal you can think of (temite and tapair incuded) is in here.

The Best Place To Read LIBARY BOOK. 



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Lent 2010 Day 8 (2.25.10)

We got out and played in the snow today.  Little Brother brough me his boots, then Brother’s boots, then my boots.  Then Little Brother brough me all three jackets.  So I agreed.

A warm and toasty 27 degrees.  Snow was melting and the sun was so bright it was blinding.  Big Brother discovered how the top snow was frozen to make a “cap” and if you removed it in “plates” you would find powdery snow under it that was almost like sand it was so dry and so frozen.

I finished reading The How-To-Book of Catholic Devotionals.  Intresting, it didn’t cover everything i expected but i can honestly say I learned a lot. 

Today’s read-out-louds:

Several selections from The Random Houser Book of Poetry for Children (copyright 1983).  Including the Witches song from Macbeth.  I am not really good at reading poetry to the boys, I have got to get better at that.

My fav:

Mother doesn’t want a dog.
Mother says they smell,
And never sit when you say sit,
Or even when you yell.
And when you come home late at night
And there is ice and snow,
You have to go back out because
The dumb dog has to go.

Mother doesn’t want a dog.
Mother says they shed,
And always let the strangers in
And bark at friends instead,
And do disgraceful things on rugs,
And track mud on the floor,
And flop upon your bed at night
And snore their doggy snore.

Mother doesn’t want a dog.
She’s making a mistake.
Because, more than a dog, I think
She will not want this snake.

Judith Viorst

The Beginners Bible.  Big brother chose David and Goliath again, so we read that, then I had him choose something else – so he chose The Good Samaritan and we read to Lazarus ( 43 pages there).

Look Out Mouse LIBARY BOOK amazing art

“L” is for library. LIBARY BOOK did not like this own, W was for World Wide Web and K was like keyboard or something, we won’t read it again unless Big Brother brings it to me and it will go back next week.

The Golden Eggs.  An Easter gift from BFF … we read this 5 times, Little Brother loooves it.

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Lent 2010 Day 7 (2.24.10)

What a GOOD day.

We got out today, despite drifts of snow and bad roads.  It was a pain — taking hubby’s big truck and not my van.  I didn’t have drinks or snacks for me or the boys, like I keep in the van.  Also getting them in and out of car seats in that big truck is hard. 

However, we got out.  Big Brother worked really hard and concentrated really well on his school work at the pre-school (assessment for his IEP that is being re-written).  Little Brother played very nicely and listened to directions well in his group.  Both boys did an awesome job.

We were gone from 9:30 am till noon.  I forgot to take a water bottle for me.  BUT I resisted temptation to stop and buy a soda!  Woot for me.  I was pretty proud of myself, i didn’t give in and drink the watered down juice i had for the bys either. 

We stopped at the library — we try to go each Wed when they have morning hours, but with the weather …  So we got to go today.  I make a point to pick out book for the boys too, otherwise we would read the same 4 super hero books each and every week.

We were on our way home and I told the boys “we’ll get lunch when we get home we are late today” and Big Brother says “NO we’ll do book time, we are really late, we haven’t had any books today at all”.  awwwwww it makes me puff up with pride to hear him say things like that.

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Lent 2010 Day 6 (2.23.10)

Today is Tuesday February 23rd 2010. 

I am working on my binders today … order how I love thee … how I lust after thee…

literacy binder — books lists and so on.  I have been compiling a list of books for pre-k and kindy level.  both read-a-louds and books for the kids too (like Picture books).  I will post this list in a page of its own.  It is complied from several book lists and suggested reading lists.  I also try to get a copy of books-listed by theme whenever I find them.  All of that goes in this binder

IEP binder — one location for all Big Brother’s assessments and IEPs and so on

Pre-school binder (this is an old one i just need to add stuff to) where I keep good examples of Big brother’s  work.  like the first time he drew a real face, or more recently the first time he drew a body with all the parts.  I need to start one for Little Brother very soon. 

Standards binder — I am making a section for PreK, Kindy and 1st and printing out all the standards i can find .. various states, worldbook, and scopes of several curr … for my personal use. to see where we fall over the bigger picture and also to see where i feel we should be or what i feel we should be working on.

We accomplished all three of our lent devotions today, with reading the boy’s Begginers Bible to them, then I read psalms while I sat with them and they rolled all over me.   Big Brother thinks my Bible looks “wrong” “no pictures and the words are tiny” 🙂

Big Brother asked to do school today.  He means worksheets / work books / seat work.  We did a few letter finds (page of letters he circles the certain letter) and a “starts with” page where i read him the picture and he circles the correct first letter.  He asked to do it, but he was not “on task” or putting forth good effort so we stopped.  He doesn’t HAVE to do school, or anything, but if he does them he needs to do them the best he can.

Today’s Read-a-Loud list:

The Beginner’s Bible. 1 Sam to the end of the Old Testament.  Again, 🙂 remember there is like 2 or 3 lines a page.   About 91 pages.  I am Shocked when I look back at how much we read each day.  Big Brother picks the starting point each day and we read till he wants to stop. 

Curious George Feeds the Animals

The Cow that Went Oink.  I love this book about a cow that oinks and a pig that moos and how they stick with it to learn to moo and oink correctly even when the other animals laugh at them.

I need my Monster.  Bought for Big Brother, who love it, Little Brother really likes this one and brought  it to me today.

Paddingotn Bear In The Garden.  LIBRARY BOOK

We Like to Nurse.  Short, sweet, animals nursing.

Read All About It.  by Laura and Jenna Bush.  Big Brother loves this book.. About a boy who doesn’t like reading as much as sports till the books start to come a live.  LIBRARY  BOOK we have only had it a week but Big Brother already chants parts of it with me. 

Eat Healthy, Feel Great.  the Dr William Sears Children’s Library.  Big Brother disagrees with some of the foods that they list as a “yellow light” (sometimes treat) and thinks they should be “green light” as he says they are healthy.  LOL  He did pick out the health foods he likes (peanuts, apples).

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Lent 2010 Day 5 (2.22.10)

Today is Monday February 22 and the 5th day of Lent.  Note today is the 5th day of Lent because Sundays do not “count” as part of Lent.  See for more information. 

Lent, in Christian tradition, is the period of the liturgical year leading up to Easter. The traditional purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer — through prayer, penitence, almsgiving and self-denial — for the annual commemoration during Holy Week of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, which recalls the events linked to the Passion of Christ and culminates in Easter, the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Conventionally, it is described as being forty days long, though different denominations calculate the forty days differently. The forty days represent the time that, according to the Bible, Jesus spent in the desert before the beginning of his public ministry, where he endured temptation by Satan.[1]

This practice was virtually universal in Christendom until the Protestant Reformation.[2] Some Protestant churches do not observe Lent, but most, such as Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, and Anglicans, do.

and specifically regarding the Sunday’s not counting …

Most followers of Western Catholicism observe Lent beginning on Ash Wednesday (midday) and concluding at the Ninth Hour of Holy Thursday (44 days in the Catholic Church) or on Holy Saturday (46 days).[2][3] One notable exception is the Archdiocese of Milan which follows the Ambrosian Rite and observes Lent starting exactly 6 weeks before Easter. The six Sundays in Lent are not counted among the forty days because each Sunday represents a “mini-Easter,” a celebration of Jesus’ victory over sin and death.[1] When Lent is to continue until Holy Saturday, this leaves exactly forty days of fasting.

I continue to encounter people who think lent is only for Catholics, which I find odd since all the friends i grew up with who went to other churches all observed Lent and every church I have gone to (and I have been to many besides the RCC) has observed Lent also.

Over the weekend I was challenged in my “water / milk only” devotion.  Hubby got 3 2-litters for my birthday party.  he never drinks soda, I love soda.  I love sweet drink.  So the temptation was real.  It is still real — as they still sit here.  I will be handing them off to a dear friend today or tomorrow as soon as the rural roads out here will allow me to get out and about.  🙂  I am however resisting them.  I have such a weakness for sweet drink it is really sad.

for “school” today we worked on play choices that would develope fine motor in the hands for Big brother — both in strength and skill.  We spent a long time on PLAYDOUGH which is a big fav around here.  I was such a mean momma and did not allow any playdough at all till past 3 and i still insist that there is direct adult supervision.  However, playdough has become a really enjoyed activity, Big Brother who doesn’t have a great attention span for much else (but being read to 🙂 🙂 ) has a great attentions span for playdough!!!  However, despite the fact i keep reading that playdough is good for fine motor control and strength — i am not seeing any difference or any improvement 😦 I am looking for more ideas in this area.

Well we dropped the ball on 1/3 of our lent devotions today.  😦  I was good about my drinks, and I read the boys’ Bible to them (starting with the plague up to Samsam) but, 😦 I did not get my Bible read in front of them today.   So tomorrow we will endeavor to make sure we get that done a lot earlier in the day so that we don’t stumble again.

NEW FEATURE:  I am going to start, at the end of each day, listing out the books that the boys and I have read.  Our Read-Out-Louds.  I want to do this for a few reasons.  Big Brother and I take turns picking books.  I want to be able to look back after an amount of time and see what books we each come back to again and again.  I especially want to make sure I am “feeding in” a good variety of book and blanching out the steady trickle of superhero books that others choose for their choices.  Little Brother does offer a choice once in a while, and others that Big Brother or i choose will really get him excited.   Library books are noted as such.

There’s a Wocket in My Pocket.  Seuss.  Little Brother request.  🙂  Big Brother can chant most of it with me. 🙂

The Beginner’s Bible.  Exodus 7 (plagues) to 1 Sam 16.  64 pages — BUT there is only 1 or 2 sentences on each page.  🙂 I’d be happy to have a Biblical Scholar, but we don’t have one yet. 

The Berenstian Bears Court Their Blessings

Curious George Makes Pancakes

Curious George and the Puppies

Good Night, Sleep Tight.  By Penelope Lively

Llama Llama Red Pajama.

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Lent 2010 Day 4 (2.20.10)

Today was Lent day 4, and also Saturday and the day of my birthday party.  Saturday 2.20.10

Daddy read Big Brother’s Bible with him today.  And despite having soda at the party I stuck to water.  We are on track here.

Winter here is kicking our collective butts, we are worn down and DONE.  Yesterday we got 10 new inches of snow (ok only 8 maybe, who knows at this point).

 Today Hubby had to plow the drive again and we are frankly out of places to PUT the snow taken off the drive.  We have walls of snow basically along the drive.  Today he broke a hole in the wall to have room to move the snow.  Also …  today till Monday is supposed to keep snowing. by Sunday night they are predicting 6 to 7 new inches.   Snow all Sunday night and Monday night too, no amounts predicted. AND wind over 25 MPH on Sunday, Sunday night and Monday. I welcome a visit from Al Gore — if he can get up the road, we will not be digging him out or towing him out we have done both enough this year. 

Last night, my actual birthday, I got to open my gift from Hubby and the boys and I have to share how touching it was to me.  I felt the love of God and my family.  The gift really met a need for me.

Here is the story:

While Hubby was in GA for 2.5 weeks at the end of Jan and start of Feb i did a ton of reading, and praying, and research on Big Brother’s stuff.  I finally decided to approach Hubby about the diet changes and I also made appt for him to have more assessment with the school and also privately.

Well I also was reading faith stuff and read about how Saints become Saints, (not NFL Players) and I read a lot about St Monica the Patron of Mother’s with difficult children. She was mother of St Augustine who was quite the party boy rebell before his conversion.

Well I was thinking — i wonder if she is supposed to be a mental support for moms with children with challenges like my child, or if she is to support moms with just kids who are a challenge (the good time trouble maker).

While Hubby was in GA he went to a little store in FL and bought my birthday gift.


how is that for cool.

he told the lady at the little mom and pop store he needed a gift for a mom, his wife, from her little boys .. she said “we have one thing that might be perfect but it is for moms of difficult children” Hubby said BINGO 🙂

I feel very solid in this.  I love Big Brother more than I love life.  I am 100% dedicated to ANYTHING I need to do for him or with him.  But this is —  in my mind — confirmation God sees our struggles and confirmation that Big Brother does have challenges beyond his average age peer and confirmation of my personal struggles.  Confirmation both from Hubby and God of the support i need.  Very special to me.

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Lent 2010 Day 3 (2.19.10)

Today is the 3rd day of Lent 2010 and MY BIRTHDAY!

Last night I printed off some birthday themes coloring sheets for the boys to have today (and tomorrow at the small party).  Later I will color with the boys — working on Big Brother holding the crayon correctly — and we will put them up around the house as decorations.  We are having a small party tomorrow because Big Brother was concerned there was not going to be anyone here to say “happy birthday” to me and to eat cake with me.  Isn’t he sweet?

While Little Brother took a rare rare nap Big Brother and I stole a few moments for some “school”  🙂  We read a book about sea creatures and Big Brother decided to play at being a puffer fish, the blow up / puff up when afraid or startled.  So he would point to the “normal one” and say “I am that fish” and swim around me on the carpet, then throw his arms up and “be” the puffed fish with “spines all over me momma”.  He learned the concept pretty well and had fun being a fish for a long time.  We talked about the fish puffing up to protect itself from bigger fish or “scary fish” and he kept telling me to be a different colored fish.  It was fun.

OHHHHHHHH and I got MORE SNOW for my birthday — snow, snow, snow, snow ALL DAY …it has been so long since we saw snow, what a surprise.  LOL

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