July 7, 2010

HI.  I am Aimee and I am a happily married Stay at Home Momma (SAHM).  I am a bibliophile (some might dare say an addict) and a Lexophile.  I freely admit there is so much i’d love to read more about to study more about; my time is happily limited.  In this life I deal in chicken nuggets, sippy cups, easy readers and loveys; also dirt, bugs and lots of water.  In a former life I was a foster mom, a youth services worker, a school administrator and worked in County Government.  I have over ten years experience as a foster mom and as staff of a youth shelter (and a brief stint at a battered women’s shelter).

I am now blessed with two wonderful and AMAZING little boys; and praying for more blessings.   My boys are ALL BOY and some days a handful.  Ok they are always a handful, some days my hand seem bigger than other days.  Calm is rarely a descriptive term used around here; until after bedtime.  I am blessed, challenged; overwhelmed with love and joy and frazzled and tired, always tired and frequently dirty.  I try to be of the constant mind-set that: God created me to parent these children, and God created these children for me.  Me for them, them for me.  I am not saying I am perfect; I will not be perfect till I am Made so by Him who made me.  Trust me, ask any of my dear friends, and you’ll hear about the irrational fears and the typical frustrations.  However I TRY to keep that focus; here you’ll see me remind myself of those to basic fundamentals truths and also preach it to other tired frazzled challenged mothers.

Dr Sears:  God would not give you a child without also giving you the ability and means to raise that child. He would never give you a child with, for example, a temperament that you couldn’t handle. This would violate the very concept of “creator.” God, as creator, designed within every mother and father the necessary tools to parent each individual child.

I stay home with purpose and intent, my home is my Ministry and I am here for a reason.  I am not merely here because I am not at the office.  I am not simply here because the kids are too young to go to school.  This is my mission, this is what I do – not just a pause in my real life; this is a full beautiful season and I hope, pray and want to make the most of every second of it, I am well aware that I will never get another chance.  This is a topic of great interest to me; expect to see more about it.  My children need me, not simply someone.  My husband and home need me, again not just simply someone to do the chores.

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.” – Isaiah 66:13

Our home is a sanctuary from life, from the world, a place of peace.  A refuge of Peace in a troubled world.  Or at least that is my goal.  My Hubby is a great man, an AWSOME father and a wonderful husband.  I am proud of him and honored to be married to him.

As a family we strive to make God a daily part of our life, of all our activities and to grow in faith and service.  We endeavor not to be “Sunday Christians” but to walk the walk in all situations.  Some days we fail, some days I fail.  But we do not accept defeat, I pull myself up and we walk on.  This is a goal we work on daily and hope and pray to grow more in.  I know God has a plan for each of us, as people and as a family; we have to seek Him and trust.  I pray nightly for the path my boys will be challenged to walk; that despite the trials the path itself will be clear and easily evident.  It is our responsibility as parent to see to it our boys have all the skills and tools necessary to walk whatever path He sets before them.

We are dedicated to allowing our children to be children.  I say again, we are dedicated to slowing our lives down and allowing our children to be children; to relishing their childhood with them, to giving them the gift of a childhood.  We stand guard and are willing to fight to make sure no one else tries to rush them, or steal their joy.  We strive constantly to preserve our boys’ childhood – for them and for us.  We do not want them to be too grown up too fast; we do not push them or rush them.  We feel strongly that the current “culture” is detrimental to children and in effect robs them of their God-given childhood(s) and in the process denies parents the joys and the peace of sharing that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Destroying the childhood, stealing that joint experience from both children and parents, steadily devastates the foundation of the family.  we strive to keep expectations realistic and frequently remind each other and ourselves that they are just little little boys.

We are a homeschooling family.  We believe that homeschooling is a lifestyle and a mindset, not simply a few hours a day at the table doing worksheets.  We are not, however, unshoolers – or at least will not be once the boys achieve and age and ability level for more formal education.  For now we read, we read, we read we do art and crafts, we explore and we read some more and then we dabble with whatever else works for us, with no pressure and few expectations.  We strive to keep academics fun and non-threatening.  You will see me discuss goals and direction, but again and again I hope I return to the basic premise of not rushing our children, of allowing them to be children.  As the boys (and any other children we are blessed with) grow and mature our home education will form itself slowly into a Classical Christian “school at home” style that is challenging, Literature based, and fun; placing a love of reading and God at the forefront.   There are years to come of the boys reading independently and of projects and tasks; they are little right now and we strive to allow them (and US) that special time.

We face the challenges of certain extra needs, be them defined as “learning disabilities” or “special needs” or ______ [insert term of your choice here].  The main challenge, or at least the most noticeable, is that both our boys are delayed in expressive speech articulation (that is they can not / do not form words correctly – but they have no other speech or language delay meaning their use of language and their understanding is on track).  We seek out as many varied professional as we need and assess a large support team to assist us in doing the best for our children, and at the end of the day we are the parents and we have to trust our hearts and prays.

We support educated birth choice and all modes of Attachment Parenting, especially unlimited breastfeeding on the child’s timetable for as long as the child wants (child lead weaning).  I have breastfeed both boys, the younger one is still a cuddly nurselying now at 2 years and 7 months; Big Brother self-weaned at 3.  We support a family bed and wear our babies and children.  We feel children belong with an attached care-giver (preferably the momma) until the child chooses to separate.  We value night-time parenting as just as real as daytime parenting and our choices do not change at 7 pm.  We strive to respect our children’s cue and emotional development.  We practice positive gentle disciple (or try to 🙂 ) with clear expectations and limits.  We value age appropriate, developmentally correct expectations that take in to account the child state (tired, hungry, anxious…).

I put this out there in hopes of encouraging others, and also being accountable publically.

Stay tuned ….

20 responses to “All About OUR FAMILY

  1. Congrats on your new blog! 🙂

    God bless,

  2. Melissa

    Way to go, Aimee!

  3. Good going, Aimee! I have three nieces who have blogs and I love to read them. I get to see pictures and videos and read about the things that happen to them. What a joy it will be to include you in that daily search for new humor!!! Couple of questions: what is a SAHM, and what is the “classical” style of homeschooling? Please forgive me if I seem to be a little dumb, but my mom always said, “You don’t learn things without asking questions.” So I’m asking. Love you guys, keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Aimee,

    This is very cool. Remember to proof-read before publishing. This is one of the things I always forget and shouldn’t.

  5. Julie

    Looks great Aimee! I am adding it to my blogroll 🙂

  6. Crystal

    I bookmarked this! 😀


  7. Aaron

    See I did get to read it!!! How do you find the time? Love it.

  8. Very interesting I didn,t you could do any thing like rhis. would like more pictures of my handsome men,
    momma and Grandma.

    • if you look at the art pages there are a lot of photos of the boys there. No photos of Hubby for obvious reasons. 🙂 the rest of the blog is still a work in progress.

  9. Sherri

    Wow! It sounds like my family once upon a time ago. My younger twins and triplets are all teenagers now. I also homeschool.

  10. I like it…everything has a begining, little by little as you post and add widgets. All the widgets in my blog are free, the maps, the counter, the most recent comments, etc. But I’m a blogger girl though I’ve heard raves about wordpress I tried and I never found my way very well since I already was familiar with blogger. You can tweak so ‘bad’ that you won’t be able to identify the original template. This template called Mimbo for blogger was the initial one for my English blog, this other called Extreme Georgia was the initial for my Charlotte Mason in Spanish blog here (I just changed the banner and colors to make it more spring 🙂
    (And by the way, what’s important is that you put God first, that you homeschool your boys, and that you are sharing with others, as you say in your nice intro).

  11. We need an update on the new diet 🙂

  12. You are certainly blessed in the children God has given you. Your message is spot on. I look forward to following your adventures in living for Him on this blog. Blessings, john

  13. Hi, Aimee. I came across your blog through I have a question about something you posted on the forums there, but I wasn’t sure the best way to get in touch with you.

    Would you be willing to e-mail me at olivia @ facinglife (dot) tv? I’m wondering if you know someone who might be a good fit for a project we’re working on about foster care / adoption — based on your forum post, I think you might!

  14. Ana

    I clicked over from one of your posts about the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History from the Well Trained Mind Forums. I just wanted to say good job handling all of that with such grace. I am thankful to see others that are aware of what they expose their children to. (and some of those other replies really bothered me.) So, give yourself a pat on the back, and have a good day!

  15. I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This piece of
    writing posted at this web site is actually pleasant.

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